Something completely different…..

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

Add a little MMA (mixed martial arts), a little wrestling, and little clothing and you get the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC).

How the hell I’ve missed this till now is beyond me. But I’m glad I found it!

From what I see and their official website,, they were established in 2014 and is apparently a company ran by women. Except referees, coaches, and ringside announcers, I see very little male involvement. As for the women, they’re split into two teams, the Pink Team and the Black Team, with one trainer on each side. Most of the competitors come from athletic backgrounds from all over the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. And in all sizes. I’ve see women from 5′ 1” to 6′ 1” and from 115 lbs. to plus size.

Variety is the spice of life, and combatants.

Now this isn’t saying that just anyone can compete, there is a “minor league” training camp called “Booty Camp” where the women learn their skills, how to fight, and have matches. And when they are ready, they move into the LFC’s “Major League”. They fight in either a regular wrestling ring or a MMA eight-sided cage. No matter the combat arena, the fighting is exciting. When using the ring, I’ve seen fights spill outside the ring with punches still being thrown.

Now while some of you are laughing your asses off, this is still a serious competition. I’ve seen “bullshit competitions” where participants are just “going through the motions”. Boring. But with the LFC, I’ve watched several bouts and have yet to see the ladies give a bullshit performance. They fight, and fight hard. Yeah, they might not be as hard as regular women or men MMA fighters, but the LFC ladies are there to win. And like some other fighters, these women fight with so much heart. I have yet to see two competitors with the same style and some even have some very cool finishing moves. And yes, injuries do happen, but from what I’ve seen, some do not let the injury stop them from competing.

If you want to check out more on the LFC, I strongly suggest you go to their website, If you want, there is a $9.99 monthly VIP membership available. This will give you access to all their site content including podcast, merchandise, and all pay-per-views.

So if you’re looking for something completely different to entertain you, I believe I have found the perfect solution. Scantily clad, beautiful, women fighting throwing punches in front of an audience.

Who could ask for more?? Thanks for your time.