From phone sex and beyond…..

by Curtis l. Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

I came across an old men’s magazine and was amused at the number of pages of ads for phone sex numbers. It got me thinking about how things have evolved especially with the invention of the internet.

Now I’ll admit way back when I lived in Oklahoma City I tried a phone sex number to see what the experience was like. After looking at a few ads, found a number, called it, purchased a 30 minute call, and the call began.

I don’t remember the woman’s name, but she described herself, and decided to tell me about a threesome she had with a married couple. She was quite detailed in telling her story and with my imagination I had a great time. Twice. I hope she had as good of a time as I did, but you don’t know. After all, this happened over a phone line so you hope they had as much fun as you did.

Now I know there are some of you saying, “Well, you don’t know if she told you the truth. She could of lied about what she looked like and what happened.” True, but I didn’t care. I had fun, which is the bottom line. Sometime later, I saw Spike Lee’s “Girl 6” which is about a woman who becomes a phone sex operator. It’s a great film which I highly recommend seeing if you can. Everything Spike Lee does is based on true facts, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he researched the phone sex business personally. Anyway during the movie, there’s a scene where the women are describing themselves to their caller and clearly they are describing someone else.

Is it wrong? Yes and no. We’re talking about bringing a fantasy to life over the phone. If you have to know that the person on the phone is who they say they are, then you’re seriously missing the point. And I see there are still phone sex lines available so whose to say that there aren’t people who know what the reality of a call could be, but still prefer it?

So let’s fast forward a few years….

With the addition of the internet, sex has became a major business. And I’m not talking about just in the U.S., but all over the world. Adult dating websites seemed to come out of nowhere with pictures of men and women looking for someone else to spend time with. What gets me about these sites is most are nothing more than some pictures and the individual’s bio. And until you meet that person in the flesh, you don’t know if what you see on a site is real or someone making a fake profile in an attempt to lure some unexpected individual to an unimaginable fate. This is not to say that all sites are like this, but we’ve all know of stories where someone was “catfished” by someone claiming to be someone else. Plus there are sites like that checks on the person you’re interested in to see if they are who they say they are, for a price. Again, I’m not claiming that all adult dating sites are bad. There are some though that you better be prepared for a very rude surprise.

So let’s do another small forward leap in time….

Now we have “camming” where women (and men) use a webcam to entertain anyone willing to watch. So you DO see what the person on the other end actually looks like! How’s that for honesty? And on some camming sites, they can see what you look like as well. But that is usually if you are having a private one-on-one. Now with sites like Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, Jasmine Live, and CamSoda (just to name a few) you should have no trouble finding whatever grabs your fancy. If your willing to spend for it. And like I said, where not talking about just beautiful women, there are men camming too. Plus age is no limit. I’d say that from 21 to 60 years old would be a safe age range estimate for those camming. The thing about camming is that when you go to a site and enter someone’s “room” things can be tame. If you want to see more, you usually have to pay for it. No problem. I’m all for people making money, know numerous people who cam and support themselves in this endeavor.

The thing about camming that can get boring is that some models tend to do the same routine over and over. Yeah some of them do dress up, but they can fall into a rut of “going through the motions” in order to earn money. And in fact, they might not even realize they are doing this because if you find something you like doing, don’t you usually end up doing that as much as possible? It’s not necessarily being lazy, just staying in your comfort zone.

So what do you do to get something more to your liking?

On some sites you can request from the model, for a price, a custom video of then doing what YOU want them to do! One of the main sites doing this is OnlyFans, but there are others. Basically, you request a specific act to be done, they do it, and record the action. Now paying for this is a question I have. Do you pay for it up front? This can run the risk of them taking the money and run. Or do you put a “down payment” on your request and pay for the rest later? And what happens if you don’t like the finished product? Do you get some or all of your money back? Something to think about. Now DO NOT think I am trying to discourage anyone from doing this if they want. I am just asking some questions that should be asked because I have heard of some people out there who have scammed others with promises of things they didn’t deliver. So make sure you ask the questions you need to if you want to purchase a video of a fantasy of yours coming true.

I hope you enjoy this little “walk down memory lane”. Where we go from here is interesting, but can also be problematic. Well just have to to see. Till then, have fun, but be safe and careful.