Exxxotica Chicago 2021

by Curtis L. Isom Founder / Editor-InChief

I think the picture above says is all in so many ways.

I apologize for this being this late. This pandemic has screwed me up in so many ways. With not being able to attend industry events in person, other projects came along to occupy my time which then has a way of getting away from me. But just like riding a bike, once you start peddling, you get your groove back.

So again, please forgive me and better late than never. Now, on to the event……..

On July 16 -18, 2021, the Donald E, Stephens convention center was again the site for Exxxotica Chicago and there were fans aplenty. The funny thing was that there was a tattoo show on the lower level where Exxxotica was on the upper level. The fans had some fun telling others where to go: “Porn on top, tattoos below”. People didn’t seem to mind being told this and seemed to be a bit amused. We even got some going from porn to tattoos and visa versa. And the size of the show was the same size as before, The only major difference, in place of the “tattoo alley”, the were a few exotic cars. And as for the Exxxotica show, just because they were finally able to hold an event, that didn’t mean that Exxxotica was going to being lazy during this pandemic.

As you can see by these signs, there was a COVID testing center right inside by the check-in booths. But if you had been vaccinated and could show proof, you got a special “Vaxxxed and Waxxxed” wristband. I have mine and treasure it because it make me feel like I’m more a part of a community that cares.

As for the talent present, there was as many as usual, but still plenty including some of the “regulars” like Evan Stone, Katie Morgan, Vicky Chase, Stormy Daniels, Jillian Janson, and others. I had a chance to talk with Jillian Janson and she missed these events as much as I did. Nothing can replace the experience of live human interaction.

There were a few new faces in the talent present. One of which was Gigi Dior who, although being new to the industry this year, I can see a very promising future for her. There’s just something very erotic about her and I gave her a couple of ideas for her personal content, so we’ll see what develops. I had the pleasure of interviewing her as well as my friend Vicki Chase. You can find those interviews on the Erotic World Media YouTube channel along with videos I took of some stage shows.

Another person present was the former WWE wrestler known as the Godfather. Unfortunately, I had to pay to be able to take pictures, so I didn’t. And to be honest, as a member of the media, I feel a bit insulted if I have to pay to take pics. I’ve ran into this before, with former WWE wrestler Chyna, and frankly, if you think I’m trying to make money from my shots, then it’s your loss because I believe that any press exposure is better than none at all.

I ‘m a small site trying to educate people on the Adult Entertainment Industry, not make a fortune off it. If you doubt me, you don’t know me.

It was great to see that Exxxotica still had it’s Dungeon Experience which I applaud. Nothing like a little BDSM to take your mind off the unexpected insanity that the world is experiencing.

I got a couple of pleasant surprises during the show. The first was my friend Dominic from California who I usually see in January at AVN. He told me he had family in Chicago which is why he was there. Dominic is the one I have to give credit to for getting me in to shoot the AVN Awards Show (as well as a number of models) in the past. The other unexpected surprise was seeing my old friend Scott aka Flogger Knows Best who was sharing a booth with friends from Black Fox Toys. Scott has not been to events like Exxxotica or AVN for a few years and is one of the people I consider family and have missed very much. Seeing him made this Exxxotica very special. I didn’t get a pic of Dominic, but there is a one of Scott in the photos that accompany this article.

Overall, even with the missing talent, Exxxotica Chicago 2021 was just as great as previous years. I had a blast as always and look forward to the next time. As always, pictures from this event can be found in the “Event Pictures” section of this website.

I hope you’re well, enjoy the article and pictures, and until next time…………