Update: Ron Jeremy

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If you’ve read my “How Apathic are you?” article, I mentioned a few industry court cases and said I would update you on any of them if possible. After this update, I will share my thoughts.

The following was posted to the AVN website on 8/25/21 by Shane Richards:

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón on Wednesday announced that adult film star Ron Jeremy has been indicted on more than 30 sexual assault counts involving 21 victims dating back more than two decades.

“Far too often, survivors of sexual assault suffer in isolation,” District Attorney Gascón said in a press release announcing the indictment. “We must ensure that survivors have all options available to help with recovery, including trauma-informed services for healing and support to report such crimes.”

Jeremy pleaded not guilty Wednesday to 12 counts of forcible rape, seven counts of forcible oral copulation, six counts of sexual battery by restraint, four counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, two counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious or asleep person and one count each of lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 or 15, sodomy by use of force and assault with intent to commit rape. The indictment was unsealed today.

He is scheduled to return to court on October 12 for a pretrial conference in Department 107 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center.

A grand jury returned the indictment, case BA484349, on August 19.

Jeremy is accused of sexually assaulting more than 20 women over a 23-year span dating back to 1996. The victims range in age from 15 to 51.

In October 1996, a 19-year-old woman was allegedly raped by the defendant during a photo shoot in the San Fernando Valley.

In October 2000, a 26-year-old woman was allegedly raped by Jeremy at a party in a nightclub. Sometime between 2002 and 2003, he also is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman at a strip club in City of Industry.

The defendant is accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in June 2004.

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by the defendant at a home in Woodland Hills in 2008. Two years later, a woman went to the defendant’s home where she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

In January 2013, Jeremy is accused of sexually assaulting a 38-year-old woman at a West Hollywood bar the defendant frequented.

The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles Police Department and the District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigation.

My thoughts:

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ve been the victim of sexual abuse in my teens. I’ve also been on both sides of court cases which has given me an unique perspective. So with that said, I still believe in the ideal that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Things don’t look good for Ron Jeremy. I’ll wait till all the evidence is heard.

When stories about Ron alegendly had “molested a woman at an industry event, people were quick to judge. Ron used to be a host / judge an industry event in Indiana. But when the stories started, he was quickly asked to not come back. I’ve known several women who have competed in this event and I NEVER heard complaints about Ron. And there were plenty of women at this event. So the “opportunities” were there, just never happened. What I find interesting is that they replaced Ron when an individual who is well known for how he mistreats women and is even tied to two suicides of popular Feature Entertainers. Isn’t that right, T.B.?

I also have to question at least one of the stories mentioned above. The bathroom tale. I know someone who claims Ron Jeremy sexually abused her in a bathroom, but the story she tells (which was posted on-line) to me lacked some key details. I know some of you will claims “the trauma of the event can cause someone to forget things”. Maybe, but I still call bullshit because I know so many abuse victims that could tell you EVERY DETAIL of what happened to them. I think if you’re going to post a video on-line of you telling about your abuse (which is a brave thing) you’d tell the WHOLE STORY no matter how hard it my be. After all, you came on-line to tell your story. You were brave enough to want to tell your story, so I think you’d want to tell all of it to help cleanse your soul. Understand?

So I won’t be surprise if people hate me. So be it. I’m not trying to be popular, just call it as I see it. I also wonder if Ron wasn’t a former porn star if the charges would be as severe. If it was a regular “joe blow”, we probably wouldn’t even hear about this. Something that does piss me off about this is that the industry has others that prey on women, but you don’t hear anything about how their court cases are progressing. If there is any progress at all. Or if charges are even brought! I’ve seen where some who have claimed abuse have gotten “more spotlight” than they had before. Makes one wonder if the abuse claims are actual or just a form of noise made to gain some popularity.

Now, if you think I’m advocating that Ron hasn’t done anything wrong, that’s incorrect. I’m just waiting to see who claims what, where, and when. Let’s lay all the cards on the table I’ve heard women who’ve known Ron talk about how much a gentleman he is. And others who talk about what he was like in the past and they try to “justify” how Ron could do what he’s accused.

Again, I don’t know and I’ll wait to hear and see the evidence and then make my decision. Because that’s what’s we’re suppose to do. The “court of public opinion” can get it wrong.