2021 AVN AEE Show

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder /Editor-In-Chief

Better late than never.


When I wrote the article for the 2020 AVN Expo, the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t into full gear. Hadn’t even started, but when it did, I wondered how it would affect the expo. Towards the end of 2020, I received a notice saying that the 2021 AVN Show was going all digital. After the announcement, I wondered how the press was suppose to cover the show. I, like so many others, look forward every year to going to Vegas for AVN and catch up with my industry friends, take pictures, do interviews, etc……. Since there was no notice about how the press was to cover the show, I had almost considered just waiting for the next event. Now I have to publicly thank Violet Doll for posting on Twitter she was doing a live show on January 20th and I wanted to check it out. Because if she didn’t I would have missed out on the fact that AVN had a number of planned live shows scheduled which looked like this:

There were seminars as well and I’ll get to those after I talk about the shows I watched. Now due to my regular work schedule, I wasn’t able to watch all the shows. You’re talking about TWENTY-SIX HOURS of content! And with 26 regular shows and the Awards Show, I really don’t have the time, but I was able to catch at least one show each night and if any were posted on AVN Stars, I went back and watched what I wanted. I want to also point out that these shows/seminars wouldn’t have been available if it wasn’t for the sponsorship of MyFreeCams. With that said, here’s an overview of what I saw:

Violet Doll – If Violet Doll hadn’t mentioned her free show on Twitter, I might have missed the AEE totally. Violet Doll is a domme which made this one of the more “tamer” shows. This is not to say you didn’t see some flesh, but she showed you what she wanted to show you when she decided. I also wondered if her show was going to “set the standard” for the remaining shows. Boy was I wrong………….

Scarlett Sage – I will never look at Taco Bell the same way again. You had to see the show to know what I’m talking about. Ms. Sage has a very infectious (in a good way) personality. She was a treat to watch and when she began to take her clothes off, it was more natural than necessary. I look forward to being able to do an interview, an idea she liked, when possible. I think she would be as much fun to talk to in person as she was online. I also HIGHLY recommend if you can catch her doing a cam show, you should watch! You won’t regret it!

Gianna Dior – He show was basically straight forward – she was going to have a little wine, then masturbate with her vibrator. The funny thing was at the point of climaxing, her phone, which she was broadcasting with, disconnected. I think it couldn’t handle the sexual energy. And if you’ve read most of my articles, you know I have serious questions about someone in the industry that uses alcohol to get ready to perform. This is not to say her show wasn’t good, I just couldn’t shake the question of how much was her, and how much was the wine? Just me.

Nikki Delano – When someone wears a choker around her neck that says, “NASTY” and that woman is Nikki Delano, buckle up! The way Nikki moved around, you’d think you were almost watching a Tasmania Devil! But she is a high energy individual and wants to please you, even if you’re just watching! A big difference between her and the other shows I watched was that she had a live male join her later in the show who received oral sex from Nikki. When Nikki speaks in Spanish, she has you and if you didn’t enjoy her show, I think you’d better check your pulse.

Whitney Wright – The saying goes, “Keep it Simple”. This was Ms. Wright whose show looked like a private VIP room in a strip club. There was a “Wheel of Chance” which had options of what could happen next. An interesting idea which was used quite well during the show. Watching her was a great way to end my night. Another recommend show.

Vicki Chase – Another “Wheel of Chance”, only this one had options on which dildo she used. The “audience” in the room enjoyed what she did, and it was a good show, but for some reason I thought there was something missing. This was coming from the “director” art of my personality. I think a better theme for the show could of enhanced it.

Cherie DeVille – Another basic, but fun, show which started out with a Q & A between Ms. DeVille and her fans. Then she gets down to having her fun. I’ve interviewed her before and her energenic personality comes though during her show as it does in person.

Maitland Ward – I was so glad I caught this show! Some people might say she talks too much, but Ms. Ward brings to the industry a level of “sophistication” I believe others seriously need to take notice. So when she talks, it’s like listening to a friend. After answering questions from the audience, her theme was “What would you do if you were her date to the AVN Awards Show?” The word that comes to my mind in overall describing this show is sensual. It was like having a one-on-one conversation with her that ended up with her masturbating. The funny thing that happened during her show was that her husband popped his head in for a moment. At first she didn’t see him (or did I) then she did and had a laugh about it. She added this brief interruption into her premise, “What would you do if you were her date to the AVN Awards Show?” but added “knowing my husband is in the next room”. This to me is a sign of someone who can think on their feet and knows what her audience wants and delivers such.

That’s basically the sum of the shows I watched. They were all good shows with a couple being more memorable the others. I do recommend that if you can catch any of these ladies, as well as the others listed above, give them a look. Doing a cam show is not easy as some people believe. The only downside to the shows is that some people in the chat part of the show would ask the stupidest questions you’d ever see. Things like asking, “When did you lose your virginity?” over and over. Really? When you start annoying others in the chat, you REALLY need to rethink what you’re asking. Be an ADULT! There’s A LOT of work involved and I want to personally thank all the ladies for their time and effort to bring some entertainment to the rest of us.


Rise of the Featurette – Moderator: Peter Warren
Panelists: Kayden Kross, Joanna Angel, Ricky Greenwood, Jacky St. James
In the post-DVD era, a more bite-sized model of story-based porn has come into prominence: the featurette. Some of the most awarded and prolific propagators of this abbreviated paradigm discuss its explosion in recent times.

According to the “rules”, a porn movie has to have at least four or more sex scenes to be considered a “feature”. But featurettes usually have only one major sex scene. The other major difference is that features aren’t story like featurettes. Also, usually due to monetary constraints, features are shot in a very short time. Most of the time, two to three days. (Explains A LOT) But featurettes can be shot in the same time frame, focusing more on the acting and story. I got the idea that if you wanted to try your hand at making porn, a featurette is the way to begin. Trying to do too much at one time usually leads to a sloppy product. In addition, there is a Best Featurette Award which is another reason that people wanting to do porn should consider doing a featurette first before trying to do a full-length feature.

History of Sex by The Erotic Museum – Moderator: Dr. Victoria Hartmann
Panelists: Dr. Lynn Comella, Dr. S. Denise Rivers, Dr. Wednesday Martin, Dr. Kate Lister. Our expert panel delves into several sub-topics including: the current State of Porn and COVID; Global (Anthropolgy and Biological) Sex History; The History of Black and Brown Women and Sexuality; and The Curious History of Sex.

My previous experience with people with initials after their name is that when they talk, you tend to get bored. They usually talk “over your head” in a show of superiority. Not here. I found this one quite easy to watch as well as being informative. Everyone had a brief introduction then they talked about their field of study concerning sexual history. One might think this would be a narrow topic to research, but they would be wrong. As the panelist demonstrated, there are many facets to sexual history. The last panelist, Dr. Lynn Comella, even talked about how the porn industry has adapted during the pandemic including how some websites have seen an significant increase in traffic and membership. Now you may be wondering why the history of sex is so important to know. It’s because it is an important part in the story of us.

Legal Angles: Understanding the Biggest Legal Issues Facing the Industry – Moderator: Corey Silverstein
Panelists: Larry Walters, Gill Sperlein, Al Gelbard. A think tank of expert attorneys breaks down the latest legal developments that could affect how adult companies do business, discussing topics such as SISEA, FOSTA, the CASE Act and the Trademark Modernization Act.

Like people with several letters after their name, lawyers are some of my least favorites people. But I can be wrong and these gentlemen proved me so. This was admittedly was my favorite seminar. It’s hard to consolidate what they discussed, but if you’re considering getting into the adult industry, or are now doing things on your own, I strongly suggest you watch this seminar as long as it’s available. They weren’t promoting themselves, but provided so much valuable information. Things like how people need to keep excellent records and ways to update their copyrights in order to protect themselves. The lawyers had a good time doing this seminar and there were even a few friendly jabs.

I liked these seminars so much that here’s the link to them, and others, for you to watch as long as they’re available: https://stars.avn.com/media/aeexpo/97354 You may have to create an account to log in, but it’s worth it with all the knowledge that’s available. Who knows, If time allows, and they are available, I’ll probably go back and watch a couple more.

The digital show was interesting, informative, but also somewhat limited. Again, there’s nothing like face-to-face interactions. In 2022 we hopefully can all go back to Las Vegas and interact one a personal one-to-one basis. And I can take pictures! Something I missed dearly because I ‘m able to share with you images of some of the most beautiful women in the world.

I have to admit it was hard getting back in the swing of writing and I appreciate everyone of you who read this and other articles. I strive to educate the outside world on the adult industry the best I can. Yes, when there are “questionable things”, I call it as I see it which at times has made me very unpopular, Don’t care. I rather be honest in what I share with you instead of lying. Again, I appreciate your time and hope you check out what I’ve shared.

Till next time…….