AVN AEE 2020

by Curtis Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

At 3am, February 3, 2020, the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino closed it’s doors. Since 2012, this has been the home of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE). So the question now is: “What is to become of the AEE?” Well, I have the answer to that, but we’ll get to that later.

Overall, the 2020 AEE went well. The biggest complaint I have would be about security. On the plus side, they limited the public to only bringing in small cameras about the size of a pack of cigarettes. This helps eliminate people from getting more pictures than necessary. On the flip size, from day to day they couldn’t decide what they were going to let the actual media bring in. On Wednesday, we could bring in the usual: cameras, tripods, etc…. On Thursday, this changed because someone had an accident with a media member with a large tripod.

No joke.

So if you had ANY tripod/monopod, you couldn’t bring it in. Now that’s not to say there were some who were able to “sneak” a tripod/monopod in, depending who was working the metal scanners. But I had to take my monopod back to the media room for storage while I took pictures. On Friday and Saturday, it changed again, and I was able to bring the monopod back in. I was glad when they added the security checkpoints back in 2018, but I wish they would be consistent from day to day. Anyone causing issues should be the ones restricted and not the rest of the media.

The expo itself was the same size as before, but it had less exhibitors.

One of the “missing” exhibitors was Greg Lansky who ran the large Blacked/Tushy/Vixen booth. He decided to get out of the porn business and go into sell marijuana to make more money. Another was Brazzers who usually had a large booth as well. The extra space allowed exhibitors like AdultTime, ManyVids, and Penthouse to expand their booths. Usually MyFreeCams had the largest amount of space, and it looked like they expanded their space as well. But AVN had a cool solution for using the extra space called, “AVN Stars”. They set up stages and podiums in the unused spaces which allowed more of the talent to be seen and fans a bit more access to their favorite. The issue with this is that you didn’t know who was going to be where or when. But with that said, I liked the new “AVN Stars”. It gave me a chance to see and spend a little more time with talent that I might miss. And I didn’t have the usual problem with “phonetographers”.

Yes there were still lines, but I usually didn’t have to wait long. I got a chance to help Sunny Lane record a twerking video on her phone. I admit, the first take didn’t get recorded (have I stated how much I despise smart phones?), but Sunny wasn’t mad and a second take was recorded which I think better then the first. Watching Sunny Lane dance and twerk up close and personal was certainly a welcomed bit of entertainment.

The only person I had a long wait in line for was Adriana Chechik. I stood in line for over an hour to see her because a visit with her and you feel like you got some “quality time”. And she’s done this from the first time I met her. She understands that your fans are what make or break you, so treat them with respect. When it was my turn, we hugged, and then talked about when she would be at the next Exxxotica Chicago so we could do an interview. 2021 is when she plans to be there, so I look forward to being able to sit down and have a more proper chat. She then posed for me and I moved on.

I took over 2100 pictures and picked about 300 of those for you to see in the “Event Pictures” section of the website. I don’t discriminate when I shoot, so you get a wide variety of talent present. And ladies, you’ll be happy to see I got more pictures of the male talent so enjoy! I also did some interviews with Kimber Woods, Kiki D’Aire, Reagan Foxx, Meana Wolf, and Diamond Kitty. The videos of these interviews can be found on the Erotic World Media YouTube channel and it’s always fun talking to the ladies. You never know what’s going to happen.

Now we’ve come to where AEE be held in 2021. Let’s start with this:

As you can see it’s still going to be held at the same location with a new name. I think last year when people were talking about it being the last year the AEE would be at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, they were partially right. The hotel was bought by a group of investors including Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Airlines), so I’m excited to see what the place will look like next year. The concern I have is with us going through the COVID-19 pandemic, what new measures (if any) will be in place for the AEE attendees and exhibitors. We shall see…….

But in any case, I know it will be a good time as always and I will let you in on what happens then. As always, I appreciate everyone who visits Erotic World Media and checks out what I have to share. I will continue to do this as long as I’m able and allowed.

Thank you and Bless You All!!!!!