AVN AEE 2019

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

If I had to try and describe the atmosphere of the 2019 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) I would use the word “subdued”. It seemed at times people were just going through the motions with no energy or excitement at all.

And I wasn’t the only one who made this observation.

I had others ask me if this year’s event seemed “different”. I don’t know if “different” was the word, but there was a noticeable change or two at this year’s AEE. People had to walk through metal detectors to get into the expo. But in the wake of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, this new security measure was acceptable. Another “difference” was how the presence of MyFreeCams (MFC) had grow. MFC, a major sponsor of the AEE, had the total largest amount of booth space ever over multiple locations. There was also the rumor that 2019 may be the last year for the AVN AEE being held at the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, but I’ll get to that later.

When it comes to the talent present, there was plenty of it with some exceptions. The “lifetime ban” on Ron Jeremy was still in effect which I think is just plain bullshit. Companies like Wicked Pictures and LA Direct didn’t have booths, but some of their talent could be found – if one could find them at the expo. With plenty of talent present to photograph, I know I would never be able to photograph everyone, but I swear it gets more difficult each year to take pictures due to the scheduling done which shuffles the talent from one area of the expo to another. So there were times I’d just find people who I haven’t photographed yet only to learn they’re being move again.

Oh, fuck me running. Well, I do need to exercise………….

I encountered a couple of surprises while taking photos. One was the return of Christy Mack to the expo. She’d been “away” from the industry for a while due to the “situation” between her and ex-boyfriend War Machine which eventually ended up in court and War Machine going to jail for a long time. I wrote about this in two articles entitled, ” ”War Machine: Ex-MMA Fighter, Ex-Porn Actor, Permanent Asshole” (Part 1 & 2). It was great seeing Christy Mack back and hopefully in the future we can do an interview.

The other “surprise” came from a talent named Haley Reed who was at the East Coast Talent booth. What surprised me about her is that she was adimmate that I (a member of the media) NOT take her picture, but had no problem with the general public taking them. What the fuck? You allow the general public to photograph you, but not those in the media who can give you exposure. Way to not only miss out on free publicity, but possibly give you company a black eye. I have to say the rest of the East Coast Talent ladies allowed me to photograph them, so Ms. Reed was probably an isolated event. In the past I have had people ask me to not take their picture, but they were telling everyone they didn’t want their picture taken as well. People like that I have no problem honoring their request,

I don’t discriminate when it comes to taking pictures. I take photos of both male, female, transgendered, and of all sizes because I believe everyone deserves any media exposure possible and I’m more than happy to share them with you. Overall I took over 2400 pictures and posted about 300 in four galleries you can find in the “Events Photos” section of this website.

Besides taking pictures, I was able to do some video interviews which can be found on the Erotic World Media channel on YouTube. Links to all of these will be listed at the end of this article. The night before the expo started, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dee Williams and Syren DeMer together which ended up being almost thirty minutes, but worth every second! I highly recommend that you take the time and watch it because the chemistry between the two is beyond words for me. At the expo, those interviewed include, Cherie DeVille, Sarah Vandella, and Alix Lovell. Due to time constraints, some of the interviews are very short, but I do appreciate the ladies sharing their time with me and a little of themselves for you.

I also did a brief walk through of the expo to give you an idea of how large the expo is and part of what I experience trying to do what I need to cover the expo. There are parts of the expo I didn’t show and have an article or two coming to explain why. Let me just say that there is some blatant bullshit that needs to be addressed.

In the past I’ve covered some industry parties and wanted to do the same this year. I ask Shy Love about covering her “Wonderland” after party and she directed me to some deejay to talk to who started in talking about things like clearance from the hotel and some sort of insurance . WTF? I have NEVER had to deal with bullshit like that before and decided it wasn’t worth the effort. I had a friend ask me if I was covering The Lair after party since I had done so in the past. So I asked Mistress Cian if I could cover the party, and was approved without any hotel clearance or some sort of insurance required. If you haven’t been to an after party where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated, you’re missing out.

Overall, I had a great time at the AEE as always. Seeing my industry friends, sharing some laughs and hugs, and taking pictures is sometimes “work”, but it gives me a chance to get away from my regular life and just be myself.

I mentioned before the rumor that this might be the last year of the AEE being at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. One reason was an increase in complaints about the scantily-clad people who are at the AEE and affecting the hotel/casino’s business. REALLY? The AEE is for those who pay to get in, not a free and open public event. So the scantily-clad are not constantly in view of the general public. Not until awards night then, yeah, scantily-clad can be the norm for those walking the red carpet. Big deal. But as of the writing of this article, I see that this is nothing more than a rumor because the 2020 AEE will be at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino January 22-25, 2020. I also didn’t believe the rumor because I understood the expansion project done over the last few years was to accommodate the growing size of the AEE – one of the hotels largest money makers. So if the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is really going to boot the AEE from it doors, does that mean the AVN Awards show goes as well? If so, can anyone else hear the sound of profits being flushed down the drain? But again, the AEE is where it’s been since 2012 for another year.

But after that? We’ll wait and see. Till next time, take care and thanks for reading!

Links to the 2019 AVN AEE videos on YouTube:

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