Exxxotica Chicago 2018

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

Every time I attend Exxxotica Chicago, I wonder what I will find different to share with you. 

Since it’s debut in 2011, Exxxotica Chicago has constantly evolved to keep itself relevant and appealing to the general public. As the show evolves, things are more and more having a “related feel” to them: the tattoo artist have their own area, the fetish vendors are based basically around the Exxxotica Dungeon. and the seminars are located in rooms off the show floor giving the speakers and audience the necessary quiet for proper interaction. But as the show has evolved, it seems to be a bit smaller than previous years, but still draws a great crowd. For 2018, one noticeable differences was that the main stage was lower to about waist-high level which made it easier for the change I had added in how I was covering the show. An addition was the ball pit brought in by the CAM4 which is similar to one you’d see at a kid’s play area, and a picture of it is included in the accompanying event photos. Of course there was talent present sponsored by companies like Inked Angels, LA Direct Models, and Bad Dragon.

In covering the 2018 Exxxotica Chicago, I decided to add something in how I would present the show to you. Besides the usual still photography, I brought along a camcorder to shoot videos. This added dimension to my coverage required some help and I was lucky enough to have former adult talent Caprice Capone help me during this weekend. Besides her being able to see old friends, she was a valuable assistant who helped with doing interviews with Evan Stone, Katie Morgan, Sheridan Love, and Zelda Morrison. There is also videos of stage performances by Angela Lee*, Tera Patrick, and Ashley Addison. All these videos can be seen on the Erotic World Media channel on YouTube. I didn’t take videos/pictures of other stage shows because I’ve covered them in the past and it’s like just presenting the same thing over and over. I did include a shot of the winner of the Ms. Exxxotica contest, but not of the rest of the contest because I saw there was a couple of professionals entered in this contest which is suppose to be for non-professionals. That’s not to say the other stage shows weren’t important, but I wanted to change up how I covered this year’s Exxxotica Chicago.

As always I try to get at least one picture of all the talent present, but I apologize if I missed anyone. In taking pictures, I once in a while come across someone who seems annoyed getting their picture taken. Ok, if this is your attitude, then why come? Your fans come to see you so at least try to always have your best foot forward. I’m use to encountering “annoyed” talent, but I’m sharing this because I had an interesting encounter during the show. I’m making my rounds taking pictures and come to one talent that every time I see her, she’s usually on her phone and makes people wait to take pictures. I’ll call her, “Ms. Annoyed”. So I wait as usual, get my shots of “Ms. Annoyed” and move on to the next. Shortly after this encounter, I have one of the other ladies ask me, “What’s wrong with (Ms. Annoyed)? I saw how she treated you and that’s just being a bitch.” I wasn’t bothered by “Ms. Annoyed” attitude, I’m used to it. But when another talent notices this, and you’re both representatives of the same company, then people like “Ms. Annoyed” might want to take notice because besides the other talent, your bosses may notice your actions as well. I understand people have careers to manage, but your fans and the media are part of what keeps your career going.

Don’t kid yourself if you think otherwise.

One other change this year at Exxxotica was the absence of Ron Jeremy. I was told earlier this year that Ron had been banned from ALL industry events and had this rumor confirmed during Exxxotica by someone I knew would know the truth. They confirmed that Ron Jeremy has been banned from industry events due to supposedly grabbing some cam model’s breasts at a show. Whether this was while they were camming wasn’t made clear, just that breasts were grabbed and someone complained. Now I have personally seen Ron have some physical interaction with people at other shows but there was always mutual consent. At Exxxotica there is a Rules of Conduct which I took a picture to share with you here:

Now you can see Exxxotica, and other events, are serious about everyone being respectful and behaving themselves. Violate the rules and you’re gone. No exceptions. Goes for the talent as well. Just proves that no matter how big a star you are, you can make one mistake and damage, if not end, your career. Especially in the era of the #METOO movement.

I like this attitude because it dispells the misconception that these types of shows are “free-for-alls” where anything goes. I know there have been a “free-for-all show” or two like in the past, but the major shows like Exxxotica strive to present the Adult Entertainment Industry in a positive fashion.

Overall, even though I was busier with the added dimension of I covered this year’s EXXXOTICA, I still managed to have fun. I also hope you enjoy this new added dimension of my coverage and watch it evolve as well. It’s always great seeing my industry friends, make new ones, have some laughs, and enjoy what this industry has to offer. I look forward to seeing what Exxxotica brings each year to Chicago and hope the fans enjoy it as much as I do. And by the looks on people faces, I believe they do.

Pictures from the 2018 Exxxxotica Chicago can be found in the Event Photos section of the website.

Till next time……..

*As the posting this article, YouTube had a Copyright issue with the music in the video of Angela Lee’s show which I’m appealing. If successful, the video will be available for viewing.

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