Book Review: “Fit As Phoenix – My Success Story” by Nichole Phoenix

Everyone has a life story to tell.

And most of us are afraid to tell our stories because if we are honest when we tell them, we become vulnerable.  But if we want to understand our fellow sisters and brothers, being vulnerable is what is required.  But for the brave who open up their lives and allow themselves to become vulnerable, they enrich the lives of those who hear or read their story.

Now when it comes to those in the Adult Entertainment Industry sharing their life stories, I think there is a large segment out there who just want to hear about all about the sex and any other lurid details one can share.  I understand this, but also know that the Adult Entertainment Industry is made up of a wide diversity of individuals who have some amazing personal stories to share if they are allowed. And they have very little to do with sex.

Adult Industry performer Nichole Phoenix is one who is not afraid of being vulnerable when telling her story.  She’s very straight forward when talking about herself.  Let me state the book I’m reviewing was published in 2015 and basically covers the first twenty-five years of Nichole Phoenix’s life.  She doesn’t tell everything that happens during those years, just focuses primarily on an issue so many people, including myself, can relate to – weight loss.

Now before people start thinking this is like other weight loss books, I find it’s not.  There are similarities in how the book is put together to other weight loss books, but her story is written from the heart and in a language reflecting how we talk in real life and not the “grammar perfect” style taught in school.  As a read, it’s not long, but concise and to the point.  Ms. Phoenix talks to you and not “at” you like some weight loss books do.  For me, it made the story even more endearing and one I highly recommend for those looking for help with weight loss.  Without giving too much away, she shares not only hard things like being bullied, but obtaining goals like trying out for Playboy.  It is a “roller coaster ride” of a story in one woman’s work to keep herself happy and healthy.  I applaud Ms. Phoenix for the courage it took to share this story with us.  She could of just worked through everything and kept her mouth shut.  But then, aren’t we suppose to help one another?  At the end of the book she shares photos of her weight loss progression which again shows she’s isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.  The great thing about this book, is that one half is her story and the other half is her sharing her personal tips and then pages of healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  They’re easy to make and if nothing else, the recipes are worth adding this book to your library.

The bottom line of this book is that if you’re looking for help to lose weight, then I recommend getting a copy. What you do after that is up to you because you hold your destiny , and health, in solely your hands.

Now by this point if you’re still with me then I have a “bonus” for you.  I did an interview with Ms. Phoenix during the 2018 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo which you can find on the Erotic World Media channel on YouTube.   Women like Ms. Phoenix are few and far between and a breath of fresh air in the industry.  It’s hard to describe why I say that, but I think watching the video will further explain what I mean.  She is multi-talented who has a sense of what it takes to make her career a success with her wide range of abilities and projects. And like the mythical phoenix, I know that know matter what, Nichole Phoenix will face any challenge before her with amazing inner strength and “renew” her career as she see fit.

I look forward to seeing what she brings next to our industry, and others, and hope you do too. If you want a copy of her book, you can contact her at:

Just remember: Be Respectful when asking for a copy of her book.