War Machine: Ex-MMA Fighter, Ex-Porn Actor, Permanent Asshole – Part 2

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder/ Editor-In-Chief

I interrupt my series of AVN 2017 articles with this news update:

Back in August 2014 War Machine, formally known as Jon Koppenhaver, attacked Christine Mackinday (aka Christy mack) and her friend Corey Thomas at Mackinday’s home in Las Vegas.  My previous article:”War Machine: Ex-MMA Fighter, Ex-Porn Actor, Permanent Asshole ” can be found here: http://eroticworldmedia.com/2015/12/war-machine-ex-mma-fighter-ex-porn-actor-permanent-asshole/ .  In it I stated I would update that article with the outcome of the legal proceedings, but decided a quick follow-up article was needed instead.

As stated before, when War Machine was finally arrested, he tried to commit suicide in jail while awaiting trial, and was facing over 34 counts including two counts of attempted murder.  His defense attorney says he “allegedly” assaulted her, but when you see the photos of what happened to her when War Machine was in her apartment, how can you say he didn’t do it?

After a couple of years of numerous legal wranglings, the trial finally got underway in February of 2017 and ended on March 20, 2017 with War Machine was found guilty on 29 of 34 charges including sexual assault and kidnapping.  He was was acquitted of burglary with a deadly weapon, sexually motivated coercion and battery with intent to commit sexual assault, but the jury couldn’t reach a verdict when it came to the two charges of attempted murder of Ms. Mackinday and Mr. Thomas.  On June 5, 2017, War Machine was sentenced to life in prison with possibility of parole after 36 years.  His defense of Christy Mack’s work in the Adult Entertainment Industry “making him do it” was basically ineffective.  And rightfully so.  Just because someone works in the Adult Entertainment Industry doesn’t give someone a right to abuse them.

For me, not only is this a victory for Christy Mack, but reaffirms my faith in the judicial system no matter how screwed up it seems to be at times. Assaulting someone isn’t acceptable, no matter what you do for a living, and those who abuse should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. I applaud Christy for stating to the press, “I’m really glad that things are coming out into the light in the media about domestic violence, domestic abuse. It’s a very serious issue in this nation and worldwide that I think should be taken more seriously than it is.”  I’ve met Christy Mack a few years ago, have nothing but respect for her, and hope she can put this ordeal behind her as much as possible.

On the other hand, I personally don’t think War Machine will last too long in jail. I say because of his suicide attempt after his initial arrest and the understanding those who abuse women become targets in prison. So my belief is that if he’s put in to the general population and not administrative segregation when in prison, his prison time will probably be short lived.  If one was a betting man, I’d say that War Machine won’t last more than ten years in prison.  And that’s being generous.

I share this brief article because violence against the women in the Adult Entertainment Industry does happen but isn’t always reported and abusers should be held accountable.  Our industry creates sexual fantasy for others to watch.  It’s just too sad when people like War Machine can’t face the reality of their fantasy ending.  We’re suppose to be adults, are we not?

In closing, the obvious question is:  Why can’t we strive to take care of one another?  If we come together to stop violence against the women of our industry, doesn’t that make our industry better?  But if we don’t, then the next victim of violence and abuse could be someone you know and personally cared about and cherish.

So what’s your choice?