2017 AVN “Private” Novelty Show

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder/Editor-In-Chief

Time again for something completely different………

Each year at AVN I walk through the Adult Novelty Expo (ANE), but don’t take pictures because…..frankly…..the booths all start to look alike.  I don’t know how many pictures of various dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and other adult novelties would be worth posting.  It’s not that I don’t support the vendors, because I do, but again if the tables start to look alike, what makes one booth more likely to be posted than another.  And if you think I have something against adult novelties, then you don’t know me.  I understand the role adult novelties play in human sexuality and eroticism.  As the song goes, “Variety is the spice of life……”, and adult novelties are a spice that in moderation heightens ones sexuality.  But with all the new adult novelties I see each year, I wonder if the idea of using one of these novelties is actually lessening the sexual experience instead heightening it.  I say this is because there are novelties people can remotely controlled through the internet which to me just lessens human contact and intimacy.  If I’m going to use an adult novelty I desire my partner to be there in person and nowhere else.  And if you’re asking yourself whether or not I have used adult novelties personally, that is my business.

Let me add that when it comes to adult novelties, I find the term “Sex Toys” amusing.  And yes, some people consider their bedroom a playground of sorts, but every time I hear “Sex Toys” the number of funny things that go through my mind are better left unmentioned.

Yes, I’m warped and proud of it.  Just saying.

But the reason I’m writing this article is a small event I covered during the 2017 AVN.  Inside the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is the “35 Steakhouse” and during the 2017 AVN I received a text asking me to come there.  When I arrived there were a small number of vendor tables each with an assortment of adult novelties.  You could say it was a “private” novelty show and I was requested to take pictures.  Now I refer you back to what mentioned before of why I don’t post pictures of the ANE, but I looked at the assortment of vendors present and since I am always looking for things to write about, this was a golden opportunity.  Plus I could briefly address why I don’t post things from the ANE.  So I went around the room, talked to vendors, got some education, and took pictures to best capture the novelties.  After I was done I was wondering how I was going to present what I shot, so I let the idea set somewhere in the back of my mind to develop until it was ready.

And here we are.

I want to say first I apologize to the vendors for this taking so long to be published, but I hate rushing things.  I always desire my articles be well suited for the topic and feel in this case the best way is besides just posting pictures is to add each vendor’s website.  This way anyone reading this may see something they like and can easily contact that particular vendor.  I appreciate the time the vendors who took their time and effort to put on this small event.  I thank them all for their time, sharing their knowledge, and hopefully this enables some novelty in someone else’s love life.

From the order of pictures below, the vendor websites are as follows: Tantriss (tantriss.com); XR Brands (xrbrands.com); Topco Sales(TopcoSales.com); Lovense (lovense.com); MotorBunny (motorbunny.com); Pjur (pjur.com); NewSensations (newsensations.com); CalExotics (calexotics.com); Nasstoys (nasstoys.com); Clandestine Devices (clandestinedevices.com); Touch of Modern (touchofmodern.com); Kamasutra (Kamasutra.com); and the Eldorado Trading Company (eldorado.net).