Preparing for 2017 AVN Expo: Natasha Starr

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder/Editor-In-Chief

During the 2017 AVN Expo, I was asked to do a “day in the life” photo shoot with one of the industry’s well-known female talents: Natasha Starr

For those who don’t know who Natasha Starr is, here’s the IMDb Mini Biography written by a “woodyanders”:  Buxom and shapely 5’7″ blonde bombshell Natasha Starr was born on October 10, 1987 in Poland. Starr started out in the adult entertainment industry in May, 2011. Among the top companies Natasha has appeared in explicit hardcore movies for are Evil Angel, Mile High, Devil’s Film, FM Concepts, Girlfriends Films, and West Coast Productions. Moreover, Starr has also worked for such adult websites as Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Naughty America. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for August, 2013.

Besides being a Penthouse Pet, Natasha has also been featured in Penthouse with her younger sister Natalia Starr.  Before this shoot, I’ve met both of these ladies at other events and they are a treat to be around.

Now I didn’t know exactly what I was to capture during this shoot, so I kept my ears opened.  I arrived at the room early and was let in by the make-up artist Dusty Sanders and another model Ashlee Graham.  Since Natasha was on her way, Dusty took time to do Ashlee’s make-up, which gave me a chance to do test shots, then we helped Ashlee choose an outfit.  Just as we finished with Ashlee, Natasha and company arrived.  Natasha stated she wanted to take a shower before being made up and headed into bathroom.  I prepared to wait on Natasha while she showered but from the bathroom she says, “Aren’t you going to come in here and shoot pictures?”  Being the gentleman I am, I wasn’t about to refuse the lady’s request and into the bathroom I went.  Natasha patiently waited while I prepared to shoot, then we began the shoot.  I wanted to capture everything as natural as possible so posing was kept to a bare minimum.  I used a video light for the bathroom pictures because it gave better overall lighting and not be “annoying” as a flash could be.

After Natasha was done showering, she toweled off and went to right to the make-up chair.  And as you can see – sans towel.  Not a problem for me because being the professionals we are, we knew what we needed to do.  Just as long as the model is comfortable, that’s what matters.  So while Natasha was being made-up, people talked, joked, ordered breakfast, and just relaxed before the expo started.  The process of “transforming” Ms. Starr from a natural beauty to a goddess took about an hour.  I was still shooting with my video light (which was a help to Dusty at times) and in picking out the pictures below to share with you, some make look the same, but there are subtle differences that show the progress of Natasha Starr’s make-up “transformation”.  Men may not see them, but I bet the women will.  Watching this “transformation” through my lens made me appreciate even more the effort Natasha (and the rest of the ladies) go through to make themselves the best possible for their fans and the rest of the public.  Doing these shows requires WORK which some people may not realize.  So remember to take a moment to thank the ladies for the effort when you can.

After the make-up session was done, Natasha got onto the bed for more pictures.  One of my favorite things about this part of the shoot was when she was whipping her hair because (for me) the action gives the photos an added layer of “life”.  After the bed play, she started putting on the outfit she has chosen for the day.  And if you don’t see the sexiness in a woman getting dressed, especially if it’s in lingerie, I don’t know what to tell you.  You might want to get your pulse checked.

When Ms. Starr was finally dressed, I escorted her down to her booth at the expo, took more shoots, including some more hair whipping.  What the model wants to do, I do my best to capture it.  This shoot is one of my all time favorites and I have to thank the amazing Natasha Starr for the opportunity.  I hope you enjoyed it as well.  Thanks also go to make-up artist Dusty Sanders for an amazing job and recommend her to anyone who wants their own “transformation”.  And finally Thank You to Sid, Ashlee Graham, and the rest who were in the room for allowing me to share the time with you as well.  It made the shoot very comfortable and relaxing for me to do and I hope everyone who sees the results below are as pleased with the pictures as I am.

Enjoy the pictures, I’ve more work to do…….