Why “Erotic World Media” exist

I am a man of ethics who’s been covering the world of erotic adult entertainment since 2006.

I strive to get along with others, but there are things in this industry that people avoid because you have to “call on the carpet” those who need to be addressed.  I’m not naive when I express how I see things.  I call it as I see it after giving a great deal of thought and research.  For those who know me, I don’t back down from what I believe in and will debate a topic in an intelligent, straight forward manner.  If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, but I usually don’t venture into a topic without having a few “aces” up my sleeve.

I started this site because there has to be a place for those who believe in bettering this industry any way possible and know it won’t happen overnight.  They need to be willing to step up to the plate and talk about issues that others ignore, but shouldn’t.  Or treat like a joke.  They need to be willing to stand against the “status quo” when needed and not intimidate easily.

This is WILL NOT be what some will try and call a “bash site”.  It is a forum to address what other want hidden from the public eye as well as well as those new to the industry.  This site will showcase various aspects of this industry from strip clubs to adult films to pole artist etc…  I expect others to say I am just copying what they are doing, copy what I am doing, or just trash me at every turn.  Let them because they show their true colors.  This again is MY approach to covering the industry and presenting the opinions and viewpoints of others.

Next, this site is again a welcoming home to those struggling for a place to be heard.  Not every viewpoint will fit the long range vision for this site, but I welcome and look forward to seeing what others are offering to share in word and visually.

Finally, this site exist because of the great friends I have in this industry who have expressed their desire to see me venture out on my own and not be restricted by others who are afraid to address what is wrong and stand up for what is right.  Sometimes, being popular is just selling your ethics to be accepted by those who have none.

I am not one of those.  Like I said, I am a man of ethics and the friends I have in this industry are ones I know stand beside me as I will with them when needed.  I am grateful for their support more than I could ever express.

In conclusion, I appreciate those of you reading this and hope you stick around for the journey.  There is much in store and the wait will be worth it, I can promise you that!


Curtis Isom, Founder / Editor-In-Chief – Erotic World Media