Exxxotica Chicago 2016

by Curtis L. Isom, Founder’/Editor-In-Chief

I try to get an article done on the events I attend in a timely fashion, but they seems to have a “life” of their own and come when they are needed.  The great thing about the events I attend is that they always leave a lasting impression which making writing about them even easier.  The 2016 Exxxotica Chicago is no different and one of the most memorable so far.  Besides the usual talent and vendors present, there was a wedding, a game of Wicked Ball, and cosplay costumes galore.

But let’s start at the beginning……..

The 2016 Exxxotica Chicago was held July 8th -10th at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois.  IF you’ve never been to the show, shame on you.  But if you have, then you know the building that hosts Exxxotica each year has other rooms for other events as well.  This year there was a Anime Midwest convention also held in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center the same weekend as Exxxotica.  In the spirit of cooperation, Exxxotica extended an invitation to the goers of the anime convention that if they showed up in costume, they got a discounted ticket price.  Now if you think that invitation was ignored, you’d be seriously wrong.  There were NUMEROUS people from the anime convention that came to the Exxxotica show, in costume, and were welcomed with open arms by the Exxxotica “family”.  They were even made a part of the show by having a cosplay costume judging contest on both Friday and Saturday.

Now if you’re wondering what “Anime” or “cosplay” is…..well…..may I suggest you watch movies like “Akira”, “Heavy Metal”, and “Princess Mononoke” or series like “Trigun”, “Attack on Titan” or “Ghost in the Shell” to give you an introduction to what anime entails.  And yes, I’m a fan of anime.  As to cosplay…it’s simply where people dress up at conventions as their favorite fictional character(s).

And who says you can’t keep the kid in you alive?

Every year Exxxotica comes to Chicago there are changes, some don’t work, but the ones that do are kept.  Just goes to show they want to make this event the best possible.  This year they created “Tattoo Alley” where tattoo related vendors where in one combined location.  Makes sense since they have the fetish lifestyle vendors grouped over by the Exxxotica “Dungeon”.  As for the talent, they were somewhat grouped in the same general area, but found all over the exhibit hall as well.  Another change was that they moved the seminars off of the exhibit floor and into adjacent rooms that allowed better interaction (and hearing) between any presenters and the audience.  Overall I like the 2016 layout of the show better than before because everything felt like it was more in “harmony” with everything else on the floor.

To understand this better, you really need to attend the show yourself.  If you haven’t yet, what’s keeping you?

From a photojournalist viewpoint, there’s always something to photograph or watch because Exxxotica always brings enough variety in entertainment and informative speakers to keep things interesting.  There are the usual shows from entertainers like Rubberdoll, and the Stallion Male Revue as well as the Ms. Exxxotica contest.  But there is always something new and different and for 2016 there was a wedding.

Yes, a wedding!

As I understand it, there are two of the usual Exxxotica staff, Tita and Bryce, who decided to tie the know at Exxxotica Chicago.  To make this union complete, they enlisted the services of the honorable and most esteemed Evan Stone.  Evan, who was earlier portraying Donald Rump, makes one of the best wedding officials I have ever witnessed.  As you can see by the pictures in “Exxxotica Chicago – Set 2 of 3”  the bride came in riding on a horse followed by the wedding procession.  The bridesmaids were Tori Black, Allie Haze, and Lexi Belle.  I honestly don’t know who the groomsmen were, but there were little people flower girl and ring bearer as well.  Overall, I was honored to have been witness to such a blessed event of two people bonding together in marriage.  I wish Tita and Bryce a lifelong journey of happiness, love and blessings abundant.  Yes, I shed a few tears, but I have a romantic heart and a sucker for a good wedding.  Especially if it has Evan Stone involved!

Other points of interest included a seminar from Janine Lindemulder and hosted by Julia Ann.  Watching these two interact is like watching two loving sisters who were the original “Blondage”.  Janine Lindemulder is a former Penthouse Pet and once married to motorcycle builder Jesse James.  With some circumstances as they are currently, I’m not going to get into details of Janine’s story except to say she is an example of courage, determination to prevail, kindness, and openness that makes you pissed off at some of the things that have occurred to her, but also makes one appreciate what you have in your own life and to never take it for granted.  And this isn’t to say that Julia Ann is no slouch.  Not at all.  Julia Ann is who introduced me to the fight against California’s Prop 60 which she was one of those leading the charge against.  I wrote about Prop 60 previously this year and was happy to see it was defeated by the people of California who saw it for the bullshit it was against the Adult Film Industry.

Another fun time was the game of Wicked Ball between the ladies from LA Direct Models and Vicky Vette’s VNA Girls.  Wicked Ball is where you get inside a large inflated ball and play a game of soccer.  It’s hard taking pictures when you’re laughing while watching two teams of sweating women having a blast playing against each other.  The “regulation” game ended in a tie which meant a “sudden death” scoring kicks which the LA Direct Models won, but good sportsman ship was shown by all and I know those watching had almost as much fun as those playing.

These are just a few of the 2016 highlights that made Exxxotica Chicago the continuing success it is.  I always have a great time seeing my “extended family” from the adult entertainment industry and hope you enjoy the pictures and stories I share with you.  I can’t stress enough that if you are in Chicago during the weekend that Exxxotica is there, you should take the time to attend.  There are also Exxxotica shows in Columbus, Ohio and Edison, New Jersey which gives you additional chance to experience the fun I do each and every year.

I know you won’t be disappointed and will have fun memories to share as I do.  The photo galleries form the 2016 Exxxotica Chicago are found here:

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Enjoy!  Till next year……