by Curtis L. Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

Some game images courtesy of gotboinked.com

Time for something completely different………

“You’re attending a party thrown by Xavier and Alotta Money at their fabulous mansion in Beverly Hills.  This jet setting couple is always hob-nobbing with the rich and famous and everyone at the party is dressed in their best sexy outfits.  The Money’s outrageous parties always encourage outrageous behavior and as the drinks flow, the atmosphere held the promise of sex and mischief.  As the night progressed and the drinks flowed, lust swept away any inhibitions left and the fun began……….. 

You awake the next morning with one hell of a hangover and little memory of what happened the previous night.  As you make your way to the kitchen, you come acroos other party guest talking about the crime that was committed last night – A CRIME OF PASSION that is!  Someone had boinked one of the party hosts!!!  But who?  Where?  How?  You know the media will jump all over this so you decide to figure out who committed this crime of passion – even if it turns out to be you!”

So who boinked one of the Moneys?  That’s what you need to find out in the board game “BOINKED” created by  gotboinked.com.  BOINKED is a naughtier, more adult version of CLUE™.  Like it’s tamer “game cousin”, BOINKED has numerous suspects, various play toys, and multiple rooms to explore while trying out your detective skills.  But that’s where the similarities end and the real fun begins.

BOINKED is a game designed for a group of six players, but can be played with only two and up to twelve players.  No matter how many are playing, this game holds surprises and sexy fun for all.  I will warn you that BOINKED is NOT a game for those who are shy, but may help you get over that shyness if you are willing. As the game’s motto states, “How many times you can get BOINKED in one night?”


boardgame_spreadLargeBOINKED includes the following:

  1. Game board depicting layout of the Money’s mansion
  2. Twelve character pawn cards (6 male, 6 female)
  3. 8 pawn card holders (more can be bought at a local game store)
  4. Six “playtoys” –  rope, massage oil, viagra, candlestick, peanut butter, and champagne bottle
  5. Evidence cards (9 – Room, 6 – Play Toy, 12 – Character)
  6. 46 Boinked Cards
  7. Evidence Notepads
  8. Pencils
  9. Instructions
  10. Pair of dice


The variety of player characters are refreshing and well suited to the idea of the game.  Here’s some you have to choose from:

  • Reverend Cleotus: A Preacher with a past.
  • Summer Love: A trust fund baby who can’t be trusted.
  • Lord Harry O’Toole: Distinguished British aristocrat.  Some say the “O” is fake.
  • Miss Behavin: Rap Star.  Actress. Record Producer.  A versatile talent known to her fingers in many pies.

The game play is somewhat like it’s “tamer cousin” and pretty straight forward.  I found the instructions a bit out of order, but still giving a good overall understanding of the game.  Anything not clear could be determined with a little bit of thought.


This is the only time you have to play by the rules:

  1. Decide which host was boinked – Xavier or Alotta Money 
  2. Select your character pawn and place it in its holder.
  3. Choose the Evidence Cards.  Separate the nine room and six play toy cards into two individual stacks.  From the twelve character cards, pick all the characters of everyone playing.  If you have less than six playing, pick additional cards to make up a stack of at least six cards.  The rest didn’t make it to the party, go back into the box, and marked off everyone’s Evidence Notepad.  Shuffle the three stacks, draw a card from each, and place it face down in the center of the board.  I suggest purchasing a card holder from a game shop to keep the cards even more secret and together.  You then shuffle the three stacks together and deal the cards out to each player.  Depending on the number of players, some may end up with more cards than others.  No problem.



Object: To win “BOINKED”, by the process of elimination you must determine the three chosen Evidence Cards showing where the boink took place, by whom, and with what play toy.  But there are other things you encounter along the way……….

Movement: After the cards are dealt out and Evidence notepads initially filled out, all character pawns start in the middle along with all the play toys.  Once you determine who goes first, they roll the dice and move their pawn accordingly in every direction except diagonal.  You cannot go back over the same square in the same turn and rolling doubles DOES NOT give you an extra turn.  Entering and exiting a room requires a move.  As you move around the board, there are red squares which landing upon cause you to draw a Boinked Card to be explained shortly.

There is a Special Doorway between the Master Bedroom and Wine Cellar which requires a move to go from one to the other.  Using this Special Doorway allows you to make a guess in the room you choose in the same turn just as long as you have an extra move to do so.  Example: You roll a seven which only six moves get you into the Master Bedroom for your guess or your seventh move gets you into the Wine Cellar for your guess.  You DO NOT get two guesses in the same turn by using the Special Doorway.

Guessing: Guessing can only take place in the rooms and wrong guesses cause to you to draw a Boinked Card as well.  Here’s one place the instructions aren’t clear – is the accused required to be present in the room for the accusation?  The game is designed to have flexibility, so I would say “No”.  But for those die hard gamers who think that accused needs to be present, here’s my solution – when playing with less than six players and you make a character guess, the character accused IS NOT NEEDED to be present in the room, only the play toy.  Remember when Character Evidence cards are selected, a minimum of six Character Cards are required to start.  But if you’re playing with less than six players, besides those playing, the others will NOT be represented on the board.  With six or more players, then every character will be represented and can be “called” to the room if that’s how you want to play.

I know this may be more than needed, but again I know hard core board gamers hate “vague spots” in game instructions and rules.

Once a guess is made in the room you think the boink took place, things get very interesting.  Starting with the person on the guessers left, if they have any of the three Evidence Cards guessed upon, they must show ONLY one of those cards to ONLY the one guessing.  If they don’t have any of the cards called out, then it moves clockwise to the next person until ONLY one card is presented to the guesser.  Only ONE card is required to disprove the guess and anyone having one of the cards called out MUST present that card.  If no other player can provided any of the Evidence Cards called out, then then the guesser should be correct and proven so by revealing the three previously picked Evidence Cards.

But if the one guessing is proven wrong, they must choose a Boinked Card and follow the instructions accordingly.  This is where BOINKED takes being wrong to a whole new level of fun.


As I stated previously, if you are shy, BOINKED may not be a game for you and BOINKED Cards are the reason why.  Landing on a red space or making a wrong guess causes you to draw a Boinked Card.  You are then required to follow the instructions on the card.  I picked some Boinked Cards to give you examples of what you may encounter:

Boinked Card Example #1

Charity Donation check bounces.

Move back to center of the Board.


Boinked Card Example #2

The frivolous lawsuit was thrown out.

make another player remove an article of clothing of your choice.


Boinked Card Example #3

You Launched Your own Line of Sexy lingerie!

Delight us with a sample.

Show us what you are wearing under your clothes.

Go to room of your choice if you prove that you are going commando.


Get the idea?  Some cards are tame and others aren’t which is what makes BOINKED a great adult game to play.  The Boinked Cards include actions like kissing, spanking, and other adult fun.  There are even Boinked Cards with “levels of naughtiness”!  For example:

Boinked Card Example #4

The Judge reduces your sentence to Community Service.  You can start by getting everyone snacks and fresh drinks.

Naughty: Sit in the lap of the person 2 seats away to your left and feed them.

Naughtier: Do whatever they say, within reason, for 1 round.

Again, even though this may seem like one of the “tamer” cards, You can understand why this may not be a game for the shy.  But with that said, BOINKED may be the perfect game for those willing to explore their “wilder” side.  Especially if just two are playing which gives you a chance to start exploring your personal boundaries with someone you trust.

Advanced Game Play

The great thing about BOINKED is that is has more game play than it “tamer cousin”.  The  variations suggested in the instructions (Getting Kinky) to the game play are:

  • The 3 some: Add 1 extra Character Evidence Card.  The more the merrier!
  • The Orgy: Get wild and Add 2 Extra Character Cards.
  • The Nasty: Add 1 Extra Play Toy Evidence Card,
  • The Mover and Shaker: Add 1 extra Room Evidence Card.  In this variation, you must go to each room consecutively and make each guess.

Just for fun, I did the math, and with basic game play, you have 648 possible outcomes of BOINKED.  But using any of the variations (or combination thereof), you increase the possible outcomes of the game to a minimum of 3,240 (The Nasty) to 2,851,200 (Using ALL Four)!  No joke.  I’m not sure how long it would take to play combining all four, but it does show that BOINKED is a game that has long lasting play time and well suited for numerous adult gatherings.

Overall, I give “BOINKED” 5 out of 5 stars because the game is well suited for just about any adult gathering.  Anyone interested in getting their own copy of “BOINKED”  for $42.00 (shipping and handling included) can go to http://www.gotboinked.com where you can see more examples from the game and any further explanation of the rules.  If you’re adventurous and willing to explore your wild side, then BOINKED is the game for you.  I highly recommend BOINKED and challenge you to see how many times you can get BOINKED in one night!

Have fun….I did!