Burlesque Review — Belmont Halloween Show

By Travis Clemmons

My lovely wife and I consider Serenna Star to be a good casual friend.  While we don’t know the lady incredibly well …  We have been seriously impressed by her on each occasion when her path has crossed ours.

On the evening of October 26 – 2013 … The two of us made sure to be in the audience for Serenna’s performance at the Belmont Burlesque Halloween Show.  We had absolutely no idea of what she’d be performing.  We simply knew that if this Lovely Evil Redhead was involved the show was guaranteed to be good.

To our pleasant surprise, everything about the evening quickly leapt above the position of “good” and kept soaring upwards from there.

For starters …  The Wit Theater is a marvelous venue for this type of presentation.  Anyone hoping to put on a successful Burlesque Performance needs a well designed setting that brings a sense of intimacy to the event.  The Wit does this perfectly, there simply isn’t a bad seat in the house.

As the first dance performance of the evening … Diva LaVida set the bar incredibly high.  Her interpretation of “Chinese Ghost Story” was both chilling and erotic.  Proof positive that what unsettles us can also bring a sense or erotic euphoria.

IMG_5218 (Photo by Curtis Isom)

After Diva LaVida had almost made us feel like every bit of oxygen had been sucked from the room …  The Amazing Tomas walked onto the stage and brought it right back in.

I do have to say that I’ve not exactly been the biggest fan of Tomas.  During the past few years, I’ve attended several shows where he was the “Featured Magician” and his style had generally left me feeling like things were just a bit flat.  On this particular evening, the man’s humor and slight of hand were perfectly on target.  I wish him the best on building his act even better as time goes on.


A couple of acts later … We finally had the opportunity to enjoy the work of Serenna Starr.  And I have to say that her performance was most certainly worth the wait.  A tormented and writhing interpretation of “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” that managed to impact on a great many emotional buttons.


Touching   —   Humorous   —   Sad   —   Erotic   —   Psychotic   —   Sublime

IMG_5338 (Photo by Curtis Isom)

And just when we thought things could not get any delightfully crazier …  Helena Handbasket sauntered onto the stage and showed us all an Angel of Death that many of the audience members would gladly have stood in line for the privilege of kissing.  The woman put a spin on “Down In Hadestown” which was nothing less than Deliciously Wicked!

IMG_5417b (Photo by Curtis Isom)

Helena (Photo by Curtis Isom)

All of these elements (and a good many more, too numerous to mention) were expertly held together by the sly antics of Ms Pixie.  The woman was truly sublime as a voluptuous Princess of Darkness with an unholy appreciation of Sweet Young Things.

The mark of a really good Variety Show is that it is able to strike a theme and then find ways to provide a numerous amount of intriguing variations and distortions.  This show accomplished that task every step of the way.

Composite (Photo by Curtis Isom)

IMG_5546 (Photo by Curtis Isom)

My wife and I went to see a pretty girl dance.  We wound up being treated to an uproarious feast of comedy, satire and exotic teasing.

I love it when I receive more than I’d bargained for!


And before I forget …  I want to hand a special shout out to Curtis Isom of Striptaculous.Com.

On Saturday evening, I was having camera problems (mostly caused by a loose nut behind the machine).  After learning that I was in need of assistance, Curtis was quite helpful and provided many of the pictures that are shown in this article.

Travis Clemmons