Club Paradise

by Curtis Isom, Founder / Editor-In-Chief

During my trips to Las Vegas for AVN, I noticed across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino a gentlemen’s club call Club Paradise.


But it wasn’t till this year that I actually had the time to check it out during the week of AVN 2015.  So here’s what happened……….

I arrived at the club around 8PM and upon entering was told there was a $34.00 cover.  Talk about “sticker shock”!   The most I’ve ever paid in ANY club is $20.00, but I guess in Vegas they feel the quality is higher, so the cover should be as well.  So the cover was taken care of and I entered the club.  Since I didn’t take my camera, for obvious reasons, I’ll describe the club the best possible:

Standing in the doorway of the main room, (lower left hand corner) the room is quite spacious with the bar filling the wall to your immediate right.  The stage is in the opposite (upper right hand) corner and extends into the room at an angle.  Directly across the room from the stage appeared to be an additional bar / VIP area.  The rest of the main room is lower than where you’re standing with plenty of booth and table seating.  The Dj booth could not be seen, or maybe behind glass, and had the volume of the music at a level that didn’t make conversations difficult.  There were a couple of video screens playing videos that went with the music which I thought not only limited the type of music played, but also provided a distraction from the entertainers on the stage.  The lighting in the room was more than adequate and allowed you to move around easily.

I wanted to ask the floor man about the additional bar / VIP area and if there was an upper deck, but he had other ideas.  Standing with him were three very lovely ladies.  I’m no stranger to “the hustle” but I like the idea of the floor man having a selections of ladies available and waiting.  So I choose an ebony beauty and proceeded to the bar so I could get a beer.  “Sticker shock” No. 2 – the beer was $10.00!  So I handed the bartender a $20 and was given back five – $2 dollar bills.  Now at first I thought this was unusual, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked this idea.  Now, I’m not going to explain why I think the idea of giving back $2 dollar bills is better instead of $1 because I want you to give this some thought.

I bet the entertainers will get it faster than anyone.

Anyway, the entertainer and I made our way to one of the chairs on the main floor and began chatting.  It’s refreshing to actually have intelligent conversation with a dancer instead of being asked immediately. “You want a private dance?”  So we talked for about 10-15 minutes and didn’t have to yell above the music to do so.  She finally gets around to asking about me getting a lap dance and I ask, “How much?”.  “$20 dollars” she replies, so I got one.  The lap dances are done right there on the main floor and is something I’ve experienced before in other clubs.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, some clubs play shortened versions of songs that last around three minutes for the entertainers to dance to.  Club Paradise didn’t seem to follow that practice because the songs lasted as long as the accompanying videos some of which I was very familiar with.

Nice to get your money’s worth.

So the song and lap dance ends and she ask if I wanted to do a second one.  I was having fun so I agreed to another one.  Near the end of the second lap dance she asked if I wanted to go for a more private dance and I gracefully declined.  Private dances cost $125.00 dollars and like I said, I’m no stranger to the “Hustle”, but I liked how the entertainer took her time to build up to asking about the private dance.  Well done.  So we talked for a few more minutes then she excused herself to go to the stage for her set.  While she was on the stage I went up and tipped her from the $2 dollar bills I received earlier.  I then returned to my table to enjoy my beer.  Not much time passed before a second entertainer asked if she could join me.  I stood up so she could sit down (being a gentlemen in a gentlemen’s club is ALWAYS a plus) and we started to talk.  This entertainer had cream colored skin and had just returned to dancing after being gone for about a year and a half.  We had a great conversation and I was thinking about getting a lap dance when she was called to the stage to perform.  Out of all the entertainers I watched perform that night, this one was a level above the rest.  Hard to describe why, she just was.  And with over 30 years of going to strip clubs and my additional stage experience, I’m a good judge of talent.  I tipped her as well and was waiting for her stage time to end so we could continue our conversation but again had more company come to my table.

This time there were two entertainers.

In all the time I’ve been in gentlemen’s clubs, I can’t remember ever being approached by two entertainers at the same time, so this was going to be interesting.  This “salt & pepper” duo sat down and we began to chat which became a guessing game of, “How old do you think I am?”  Not to give away the ladies ages, but I came the closest in guessing and didn’t ask for proof when they revealed they were older than they look.  No, this wasn’t due to the club’s lighting (which was again appropriate), let’s just say this duo was proof that you could be an entertainer longer than you think if you take good care of yourself.  We sat there and continued talking for about 15 minutes. This conversation was a bit more “lively” than the rest because they were playing off each other.  So naturally, the subject of a lap dance was proposed and since there’s two dancers, it was still $20 each.  What the hell, you only live once, right?  Now you’d think that two women giving a lap dance to the same man at the same time would be difficult, but I’ll tell you that they moved fluidly together and it was one of the best lap dances I have ever had.  After they were done they of course tried to up sell to a more private dance which I again graciously declined.  We chatted for few minutes more and they left.  I picked up my beer, about 2/3 gone, and was looking for the cream colored beauty I talked to earlier when my phone (placed on vibrate) let me know I had received a text.

Talk about saved by the bell……

It was a potential photo shoot letting me know they had time available to chat.  So I finished my beer, went to the bar to return the bottle, and found the cream colored entertainer I was looking for previously.  We had another brief conversation and I then excused myself for my upcoming appointment.

Overall, I had a great time at the Paradise Club.  If I HAD to give a “looks rating” of all the ladies of the Paradise Club, I’d say there’s one under a 8.  Personality wise, I’d say all the ladies I had a chance to talk to would rate at least a 9 and knew how to do “Hustle” without being overbearing.  Something some house entertainers don’t understand.  The lap dances are worth the $20 dollars and the private dances would probably be worth the money as well.  But after a $32 cover charge, a $10 beer, and $80 in lap dances, I was more than happy with my experiences at this club.  Therefore, I highly recommend this club, which is located at 4416 Paradise Road, to anyone visiting Vegas.  I commend the staff, management, and the entertainers at Club Paradise for an excellent job and encourage they keep up the great work!

And as you can tell, not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!