Showgirl Interview: Vayda Kiss

Travis Clemmons: At Stripperfest, you competed in both Queen of the Stage and Queen of the Pole. Which of those two styles of performing was your “First Love”?

Vayda Kiss: At that competition, it was Queen of the Pole.  Generally speaking …  Pole is how I started and I put everything I have into it.  I also do the stage competitions, because I really want to challenge myself.  Can I kick my performance skills up a notch or two?

Travis Clemmons: How much preparatory work goes into getting ready for a 2 night event like that one?

Vayda Kiss: Physically, I’m always working out.  So I’m always prepping in that sense.  And that part of prepping is balanced by hot baths with epsom salts.  I usually have my music chosen 2 weeks prior (or more).  But my music choice can occasionally change a day or two before the competition.  Sometimes it will change that very day.  A lot of it depends on my mood or maybe I hear something new and I know I absolutely have to use that.  If I have the time to spend, I’ll allow myself 3 or 4 days to pick and choose the costumes.

Travis Clemmons: Besides Stripperfest 12 … What competitions have you been in?

Vayda Kiss: Quite a few.  My first Skindustry contest was StripperPalooza in 2011.  Other than that, I won Midwest regional Pole Champ to qualify for the Miss Pole Champ USA finals in 2011, which I placed 1st in!  Clearwater Pole Champ in 2012.  Miss Pole Champ Florida and Spacecoast Pole Champ held at Bare Assets in Melbourne, Florida(fun comp!) I was in the Miss Pole Champ 2013 competition and won best tricks.  And the Northeast Pennsylvania comp this year and placed 1st in that.  Competitions are nerve wracking but challenging and FUN!  Its a great way to meet people with passion and that share interests with me but are different. I love..Love…LOVE it!

Travis Clemmons: How long have you been in the business?

Vayda Kiss: For 7 years!  Its addicting.  lol   If I quit … I’d still rock stripper heels!  They’ll have to pry those off of my cold dead feet.

Travis Clemmons: (Chuckle) And how long did it take you to become a “Featured Dancer”?

Vayda Kiss: I became a feature because of winning Miss Pole Champ USA! I never saw myself doing that but the more time goes on and the more bookings I get ….. the more comfortable I get and I love it more with every place I go!

Travis Clemmons: If we had the opportunity to spend a couple of days together. And the purpose was to give me three opportunities to photograph you.   In a Home Setting, In a Studio, Out and about…. Which version of Vayda Kiss: would be seen in each set of photographs?

Vayda Kiss: Quiet peaceful Vayda, at home.  I’m usually cuddled up with my pup reading a good book or watching hulu.  lol.  Studio …  I would probably just like to listen to my favorite songs and allow you to photograph the moods they put me through.  Out and about is usually to get coffee or ht the salad bar or walk my dog and I’m home again.  So those are the kinds of pictures you’d get in that setting.

Travis Clemmons: And what style of dress up — or glamor — or contentment would you want each set of pictures to reveal?

Vayda Kiss: Home – just a t-shirt and some pretty panties. lol  Studio – athletic.  Out and about – I’m almost always in heels (Because I’m short – so I love my heels)


Travis Clemmons: How tall are you?

Vayda Kiss: 5’1″ and 3\4.  But good things come in small packages, Travis!

Travis Clemmons: And it makes it much easier for you to sit on a gentleman’s knee

Vayda Kiss: I guess it does.  I still go visit Santa at Christmas time.  lol   Just kidding.

Travis Clemmons: I’ve heard that mall has had the same Santa for about 6 years now. They don’t even have to pay him any longer.

Vayda Kiss: Aww … How nice of him to donate his time like that (smile).

Travis Clemmons: And continuing with the basic “Girl Watcher” questions.  Eye Color?

Vayda Kiss: Blue.  But oddly hazel on the occasional day.

Travis Clemmons: You have beautifully black hair … But I’ve seen pictures of you as blond. What is the natural color for you?

Vayda Kiss: Not sure anymore. lol  I’m a natural blonde.  My mother scolded me for dying my hair dark brown. But I like it here on the dark side!

Travis Clemmons: I personally enjoy it when a pretty girl’s hair color matches her soul

Vayda Kiss: Are you saying I have a dark soul, Travis?  Is this because of the leather and sub and dom books I read?  Because …  Once you look past those, you’ll see I’m just a softy who loves romance.

Travis Clemmons: I am saying it because the joke is that it is the “evil women” that I find beautiful (wink) I find you beautiful … So something in you has to be delightfully evil

Vayda Kiss: I’m a woman.  I think that’s enough evil in itself … No?  lol

Travis Clemmons: Absolutely agree.  And if I were going dress shopping for a certain lovely evil woman … What are your measurements?

Vayda Kiss: I honestly don’t even know, I’m small or extra small.  If I see something I think looks cool – I WILL make it work.  lol  My rings size is a 6 that’s all anyone needs to know.

Travis Clemmons: Taking a moment to jump back to the types of stories you enjoy reading.  You’ve said that you have a fairly strong enjoyment of books and movies that fall into the same category as 50 shades.

Vayda Kiss: Yes, Yes and Yes!   hahahaha   I love my books.  But Anne Rice scares me

Travis Clemmons: Anne Rice in general?  Or just her Vampire stuff

Vayda Kiss: No.  Not the vampire stuff.  I was very put off by the Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  Supposedly, if you like 50 Shades then you’d like that series.  It was totally not a good one for me.

Travis Clemmons: I couldn’t get into the Beauty series. But the wife and I would strongly recommend Exit To Eden.  Good drama. Hilarious in certain places. And marvelous character development.

Vayda Kiss: Ill keep that one in mind.  I’m almost out of books.  Beautiful Bastard is another good one.

Travis Clemmons: I’ll have to look that one up.  Turning to a different direction …  Could you tell me a bit about your heritage and family background?

Vayda Kiss: English and Welsh. My grandmother was Welsh hence my mother and I take after her petite size and my father was English.  Or Welch?  Not even sure if I spelled that right, Grammy would be ashamed.  lol

Travis Clemmons: Welsh is correct for the nationality.  Welch means you’re drinking Grape Juice

Vayda Kiss: I favor pineapple or white grape.  When I was little we used to have wine made from the grapevines in the back yard.  I never got to drink any of it

Travis Clemmons: If I took you out to a nice restaurant … And you could have any type of alcoholic drink you could think of … What would be the top 2 choices

Vayda Kiss: I don’t drink at all anymore.  But if I were drinking – Moscato or Vodka.  I like my wine white and my liquor clear.  lol

Travis Clemmons: Pretend that I’ve won an award for erotic fiction. You’re my date for the evening. We’re in Vegas for the Ceremony and you want all eyes to be on you and me.  How are you going to do your outfit and hair and makeup?

Vayda Kiss: (1) I’d concentrate on my eye makeup.  (2) Wear a red dress and some killer red or black heels.  (3) Shiny earrings and have my hair pinned up.  And I’d carry a small clutch purse so I could easily free one hand to give the Miss America Wave to our adoring public.  hahahah

Travis Clemmons: How high would the heels be?

Vayda Kiss: 5 inches

Travis Clemmons: Would that be just the heel? Or would there be a bit of platform involved?

Vayda Kiss: Small platform.  Maybe an inch.

Travis Clemmons: If I were going to buy a pair of heels for you … What should I be looking for?

Vayda Kiss: I like a thin heel.  Nothing clunky

Travis Clemmons: I like a Stiletto kind of gal

Vayda Kiss: Heck yea!  And I don’t like the shoes with the long point in the front

Travis Clemmons: Shoe size?

Vayda Kiss: 6

Travis Clemmons: I’ve noticed that yo have a touch of body art … But you haven’t gone really heavy into it.  What have you had done? And why?

Vayda Kiss: I’m a symbol person.  I really get into symbols and when I find one with a meaning that touches me, I want to mark myself with it.  My lower back is sanskrit and means “watched over”.  My mother studied Hebrew so she wasn’t upset about it.  (first one I bought myself – lol).  My upper middle back is a Japanese symbol, featured in the show Heroes and means ‘ability, strength, and power’ – or ‘gifted’.  (and before you ask which hero I am…….I’m the invincible cheerleader of course !)  What’s on my shoulder blades is Chinese and they mean ‘heart'(the same side as my heart) and ‘spirit’.  On my wrist is my newest one – “R.I.P T.B.”

Travis Clemmons: Have you considered having more tattooing done? Possibly a piercing or two?

Vayda Kiss: I’m sure the day will come I will want ‘just one more’ lol but I’m content right now.  I don’t want to go too crazy with them

Travis Clemmons: You often perform in lingerie and stockings on stage.  Is that mainly a professional thing? Or does any of this translate into your day to day or personal life in any way?

Vayda Kiss: I actually don’t all that much.  You just happened to see me do a couple of sets where stockings incorporated in quite nicely.  I’m a Pole girl.  So if I do wear stockings, they are mesh like you saw.  Otherwise, I dance with my legs pretty much bare.  The bedroom wear remains a secret.

     A  Very    Dark    Secret!      lol

Travis Clemmons: If you were in a high end professional career that required you to be “Top Notch all the time …  Hosiery — Stilettos — Business outfit that needed an appropriately short skirt or dress — Hair and makeup always done to the Nines.  Could you thrive on that?  Or would it become a Brain Drain after a few weeks or months?

Vayda Kiss: Well if you think about it …  Featuring does require those things.  I consider it to be high end and professional, and if I want to I can rock a sexy business suit (what guy doesn’t love that).  But as far as presentation, it does require you to be very top notch.  Hair and make up done – photograph ready (if you will), and its fun and I do thrive on it.  But I also appreciate and thrive on down time, personal and relaxing time. Its a requirement to balance myself out.

Travis Clemmons: And I sincerely appreciate your point of view on that.  But I meant the question to mostly refer to an 8 to 6 / Monday to Friday kind of thing.  Office work and corporate meetings and that sort of stuff.  Would that affect your answer any?

Vayda Kiss: No.  I think I would thrive on that very much. I like the business and attire and I like working with my brain.

Travis Clemmons: If you accidentally learned that I was going to give you a slightly intimate … But not overly expensive gift … Something in the range or 50 to 100 dollars …  As you came to the door to greet me … What would you secretly be hoping for?

Vayda Kiss: Jewelry or perfume.

Travis Clemmons: Back to subject of Pole Performing … You seem to go a bit “against the grain” in the way you do your Pole Dance act. You move past the basic booty shorts and bikini top style and take it up a notch or two.  Include a bit of an outfit.  Do a bit of stripping and stage dancing.  How did this come about?

Vayda Kiss: I don’t know that there’s an exact “how”.  It’s just how I am.  Pole dancing = Sexy Tasteful Tease.  Throw in some sequins and BAM!  Oh and HEELS!

Travis Clemmons: And do you ever wonder or fear (at a competition) that you might be going a bit too far? That some Judge will ding you because you’ve strayed too much from Pole Dancing?

Vayda Kiss: Not at all.  All of what I do IS Pole Dancing, Travis. Part of my challenge to myself during a Pole Competition is ‘how long can I stay up without touching the floor’, during a stage category I will do both yes because stage is a stage performance. To me every performance is about Pole.  I’m trying to train myself to be good at both, but my origin is the Pole.

Travis Clemmons: In the clubs and the Stage Competitions … There’s a lot of silly innocent flirting going on between many of the dancers. Mainly as a way of building friendships and working off stress.  There also appears to be to be a solid minority of them who would welcome something a bit more intimate with another girl if the opportunity presented itself.  How do you navigate through all of this?

Vayda Kiss: I can be very flirty on stage.  It’s a part of the performance and the business.  If I don’t give the guys and girls in the audience a reason to appreciate what they’re seeing, I’m not earning money for myself or for the club.  When it comes to the girls I’m working around …  I always play nice but it doesn’t go any farther than that. Most of the girls are very smart about that sort of thing.  They usually can tell when someone is just engaging in silly flirting, to help deal with the hectic nature of putting on the show, and isn’t really looking for more.

Travis Clemmons: Have you ever had an instance where the “Light Bulb” sort of goes off above some girl’s head as she realizes that you’d like to be a girl friend but not a Girl Friend?

Vayda Kiss: I’m not saying that I’ve never been involved in a light bulb moment …  Just not on that type of issue.  When I travel and I’m just meeting people and establishing new relationships with people …  I’m playful but always professional.  And I’ve never felt that vibe or had the awkward light bulb moment with anyone.  I think they respect the distance I keep even though I am being a bit silly and playful.

Travis Clemmons: Gotcha.  You and I have talked a bit about “silly backhanded complements”.  Like someone referring you you as a “wicked little vixen” or that sort of thing. When do you think these are appropriate?

Vayda Kiss: Always!  Just not in church!  lol

Travis Clemmons: I agree on that.  (wink)  But what types of words or statements do you consider as having “gone too far”?

Vayda Kiss: I joke around with my friends and thats an unspoken thing we all share, the fact that we call each other names. so when someone yells hussy across the room I raise my hand and laugh.  I think it’s not so much what is said but how.  And who it is coming from.

Travis Clemmons: Okay.  If we’re in a dating relationship … How much would you be prone to tweak your style to help it be what I like?  The clothing you wear when we’re together.  Trying foods or movies that I like.  That sort of thing.

Vayda Kiss: Well if we were together, I would think it is because you already like my style.  So honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing!  lol

Travis Clemmons: ( chuckle )

Vayda Kiss: But yes …  I am always open to new things.  So if there was something someone I was dating wanted me to try …  9 out of 10 I probably would.

Travis Clemmons: Well … There’s a difference between changing and accommodating. Like if I wanted you generally wear skirts and dresses, instead of jeans.  I think it’s okay to do a bit of bargaining. To say that you’ll do that if I’ll wash and wax your car once a week.

Vayda Kiss: Well I already enjoy dresses and HEELS.

Travis Clemmons: Even when it’s a breezy July day and I’ve got you playing Mini Golf ?  (evil grin)

Vayda Kiss: Heck yeah!  I want to make sure you’re always eager to wash and wax my car.

Travis Clemmons: (chuckle)  How long have you been dancing professionally?

Vayda Kiss: I’ve been a featured showgirl since 2011.  But I’ve been dancing since 2006 and competing since 2009.

Travis Clemmons: Have you taken any college courses or done anything like that?

Vayda Kiss: I have taken about a year of college courses.  Basically …  I graduated high school did some traveling.  About 3 years later, I started school full time.  Then went back and forth from full time to part time to full time and so on.  Then it was …  Okay, I’ll take this business class.  And then I opened my own Pole dancing studio.

Travis Clemmons: And do you still own and run a studio?

Vayda Kiss: Not anymore.  After I won Miss Pole Champ USA, that landed me a contract with A-List Features and I closed the shop and moved to Florida for a while.  Having the business was great but it was a LOT of work.  I really like it when I’m just dancing.  It’s enjoyment at its best.  I make good money and I don’t have the stress that comes with trying to run a business.

Travis Clemmons: And where would you hope to be business wise in like 10 years?  20?  30?

Vayda Kiss: Honestly, I don’t know. I just know I’m going to keep moving in the fitness direction of things.  While I’m not anywhere near done with “Dancing” … In the near future, I do plan on getting a certification to be a personal fitness trainer.  And I would like to get more involved in yoga.  And we shall see what other kinds of opportunities (if any) present themselves

Travis Clemmons: What advice would you give to a young woman who was asking about trying something like Stripping or Pole Dancing as a profession? (Either teaching or Performing)

Vayda Kiss: Follow your gut.  Your heart can be misleading but your gut knows.  And if stripping is in the curiosity pot then go ahead and stir it.  Just keep your head right, stay away from needless drama, concentrate on making money without selling your soul, save that money, and conquer the game.  If teaching Pole is something you want to do, then by all means be patient and encouraging when it comes to doing so. Sometimes things are hard for people to learn but the key is to never give up.

Travis Clemmons: How would you define needless drama?

Vayda Kiss: Being one of the girls who talks behind other girl’s backs.  That sort of thing.  There are times when you really need to express a legitimate complaint.  But don’t be one of those who will just gossip – gossip – gossip.

Travis Clemmons: Anything else you’d like to tell the readers? Any points I might have missed that you’d like to touch on?

Vayda Kiss: Hmmm …  Did i mention my addiction to HEELS?  lol

Travis Clemmons: Only 12 or 13 times (wink)

Vayda Kiss: (chuckling)

Travis Clemmons: Do you possibly want to promote an upcoming event or do a bit to promote an agency or club you work with?

Vayda Kiss: Definately!  I book through A-List and Continental Features out of St. Petersburg Florida.  So if anyone would like to have me …  That would be who you’d want to contact.  I’ll be at Stripperpalooza in Kalamazoo in May, and would love all the support I can get.  And in June, for those on the west coast I will be featuring at the Crazy Horse in San Fransisco.  Follow me on FB, Twitter, and Instagram for updates.  And check out my spotlight on!

Travis Clemmons: And now it’s time to hug you goodbye and thank you for sharing a bit of interview time with me.

Vayda Kiss: You are welcome.  And did I remember to mention that I really love Stiletto Heels?