Book Review: “How to Catch a Kitten – The Ultimate Pick-Up Guide!”

By Curtis Isom, Editor-In-Chief

I don’t give much credit to “How to Pick-up” books because they’re usually written by men who spend 150 to 200+ pages expounding on how to do one thing – how to get a woman in bed. 

But after the “Wham, bam, thanks you ma’am” – nothing. 

So when I met Shy Love at the 2014 AVN and she stated she was looking for someone to give her book, “How to Catch a Kitten – The Ultimate Pick-Up Guide!” an objective, honest review, I thought, “Why not?”  So after purchasing a copy, reading it through once, then skimming over it a second time, here’s my opinion:

Written from a women’s perspective gives this book an advantage over its’ male versions.  At 109 pages long, it’s a very concise book that I found too concise at times.  The issue I had with this “conciseness” was that after addressing the “Building a Better You” (Chapter 1), the book seems geared towards men that go out in groups to pick-up women.  I say this because as Shy puts it, “If you choose to go alone, you will be perceived as a loner and will look very lonely.”  Going out solo when picking up women is an area I think the book could have discussed more because not every one goes out in a group.

This isn’t to say this book can’t be used by those who don’t have a group to help you with meeting women, you just have to pick out and apply the pointers any single man can use on his night out. 

Something I found interesting about being written from a female perspective is that Shy doesn’t confine herself to just the female side of the pick-up equation.  She examines both sides and gives you insights on the dynamics of both male and female “dating packs”.  I came away with the impression that the types of people in these groups doesn’t change much, but when it comes to a group of males, the type of males a guy chooses to go out with can do just as much harm as good.  So guys, consider the possibility of adding a “wing-woman” to your circle of friends.  This is something Shy herself admits to being previously and gives examples of how that can benefit a man.

Another thing about the female perspective is it’s  like being given an “opponents handbook” (metaphorically) and told how to use it against them.  That bugged me a bit.  One reason was Shy also use the word “manipulate” and variations of it quite often.  Two of the chapters even start with “Manipulating…..” even though the Table of Contents doesn’t list them as such.  I understand why Shy uses the word as she does, it just felt like she was promoting a sense of dishonesty at times even though I really don’t believe Shy was doing this.  I just think a different word choice might have made the same point.  Although I couldn’t think of one at the time of this writing.  Maybe just not have used it at all?

Other than what I have mentioned previously, I really didn’t have any other problems with the book.  It takes you on a journey and goes to places I believe no other pick-up book goes.  And it’s a common sense journey that challenges you to step outside the “normal” dating rules and consider things more outside the box than in.  Once you’ve gotten the girl, Shy even gives you the options of how to approach things if it’s a one night stand or someone you want to date long term. 

So finally, do I consider this book the “ultimate pick-up” guide?  Yes and No.

I say “No” because not everyone is alike and fit the personalities Shy mentions in the book.  Therefore, the dating pointers Shy Love presents I think will work about 85% of the time.  The other 15% you’re on your own……..with a bit of guidance.

The “Yes” is because it’s written from a honest, straight forward, female perspective without going over the edge.  It challenges you to go against some of the normal dating instincts and takes you out of your usual dating comfort zone and help create a better one.

It’s for that reason I recommend anyone wanting to improve their dating skills to get a copy.  If for no other reason, but to have as a credible reference guide to some of the workings of the female mind.



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