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Entertainers, Pole Artist, Adult Film Performers

We are always looking for contributors wanting to share their thoughts and opinions.  Note: It is permissible to use links for an article if the primary story is from a national news sources such as ABC, CBS, etc…  Then the author’s thoughts/opinion on that story are fully shown here.



If you are looking for a place to exhibit some of your work, contact us at the email above.  Any photographers shown herein are required to have the following:

  • a) proper signed photo release(s) per model for all photos submitted 
  • b) If the photos are of a known existing feature entertainer taken at an event, an email giving permission for their photos to be used.
  • c) All photos are to be watermarked to identify the photographer.



  1. Hi would love to chat with your company about an interview and posting my schedule. I’m a showgirl adult film star model and feature entertainer.

    • Jaded,

      Got this message and the email you sent. Thanks for the interest and would love to do an interview with you if possible. Reply to the email ad we’ll go from there! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hey Mr. Isom: Very good article on Independent Contractor vs Employee Staus. Passed it on to Angelina Spencer, Exec Director of ACE, David Baucom of the MAL Chain, Joey Bien of the Treasure Club chain (who by the way is the LEADING proponent of going “employee”-and had done so in his two Clubs in NC.

    I may submit articles to you. I am a licensed commercial real estate broker and business broker, specializing in Adult Clubs +/or properties over the past 18 years. Done lotsa deals. Look in your last issue of ED Magazine…, 8645803826

    • Sorry for the response delay, getting ready for AVN.

      I appreciate you passing the article along to them and look forward to hearing what They have to say. I’m always looking for new contributors so anything you want to contribute you can submit to me at I don’t get the ED Magazine, but I bet will find copies of your stuff on their website. Looking forward to reading it!

    • I believe there is here, but the best way is to follow the Erotic World Media page or my pro page on Facebook. I try to post all the new article there.

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