AVN After Parties

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder/Editor-In-Chief

As previously stated, when I started attending AVN in 2011, I attended a few after parties, was not impressed, and had no desire to attend any more.  In 2016 that changed when I had the opportunity to attend the Evil Angel After Party which I wrote about previously.  What made that event more enjoyable was the fact that I was interacting more with the talent and some of the other photographers welcomed me there.  Since I have been covering this industry, I’ve strived to build a positive reputation as one who respects the talents and have a professional approach to what I do.  And that approach has paid off.

But this is not to say I don’t like having a good time!

This year I had the opportunity to attend three after parties with a couple of other photographers who have been in the industry for quite a while.  We attended two parties on Thursday, January 19th and the third on Friday, January 20th.  In covering the parties I thought I’d do something different and instead of writing three separate articles, I’d just do one, talk a little about each after party, and include a link to some pictures from each.  Now keep in mind after a full day of taking pictures at the expo, choosing to cover any after parties means a long day of taking pictures.  Which may lead to having a very late dinner with your buddies discussing what you’ve shot, or just talking life in general.

Oh the hard life of a photojournalist……….lol!

Our two-party night adventure started out at the World Famous Cabaret Show Lounge inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino.  We were there for there for the party hosted by Streamate which is a live video chat site, where you can chat with amateur performers while watching them on webcam.  The cabaret is a part of a former larger club space which had gone under, but the smaller venue was nice and intimate which suited the affair quite well.  Of course we arrived early which allowed us to pick our spot to shoot from.  As the guest arrived, they were guided to the Streamate media banner for photos if they so desired.  After a while the party started with a few words from the Streamate executives then the on stage entertainment started. The party itself had a good vide, everyone seemed to have fun, but we couldn’t stay, took a few more shots, and headed off to the second event.

After the Streamate party, we headed back to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Saints and Sinners party hosted by the ladies of Shy Love’s VIP Connect and LA Direct Models.  It’s called Saints and Sinners because people are suppose to dress up as either a saint (in white) or sinner (in black).  There were those who dressed up for the party and those who didn’t.  You think that since this was an Adult Entertainment Industry party, the “sinners” would outnumber the saints, but from what I could tell, it was about even.  There was also a bit of separation between the talent and the general public, but there was a DJ playing music and people were dancing so during the time we were there another fun time was appeared to be had.  As I took pictures, there was any outright nudity, but I did manage to capture a revealing outfit or two.  You have to understand even though it was a club, we were in a general public space so clothes were kept on so people weren’t being kicked out.  We stayed long enough to get enough shots to represent the event, talked to a few people, then called in a night.

Somewhere after 2am in the morning………….

On Friday night we covered the Evil Angel party.  Now if I had to compare the 2017 Evil Angel after party to the 2016 one, I have to say the 2017 party was more “subdued”.  It’s not that people weren’t having a good time, it’s just different venues seem to always produce different results.  Both held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino with the 2016 party held in the Vinyl night club whereas the 2017 was held in the 31 Steakhouse.  A night club versus a restaurant……..think about that.  Now again, I’m not saying people didn’t have a good time, but 31 Steakhouse is about half the size of Vinyl so being crowded made photography interesting.  The area with the media banner was tight and some photographers made it even more difficult in getting shots because they couldn’t take just a few, they had to take NUMEROUS shots. I’m talking 15-20, I kid you not!   And if it was your turn to get shots, and the talent did something interesting for you, the ones who already had their turn stepped back in (and usually in your way) to get additional shots.  Which usually meant you missed out on a shot or two the talent meant for you.

Do I sound pissed off?  At first I was, and people getting in your way comes with the territory, but as crowded as it was getting at the media banner, I decided to go around and get shots of the crowd.  In doing so, I got lucky and found a couple of ladies who didn’t mind exposing a little more skin.  And from what I could see, nudity wasn’t happening much, if at all, at the media banner.  So good for me.  I also have to say this was the first after party I had a drink at.  I usually don’t drink while shooting, but got close to having the shots I wanted, so decided to have just one and relax with everyone else.  At he Evil Angel party, there were no barriers between the talent and the other guest so interaction was free flowing.  Again, another successful event for Evil Angel, but hopefully next year’s will be in a bigger venue so everyone can spread out a little more.

Overall, I had a great time going to these parties, got some good shots, and look forward to next year.  Although I don’t get to kick back and fully relax, covering these parties presents the opportunity for me to show the commitment I have to this industry.

Here’s the link to all the after party pictures: http://eroticworldmedia.com/2017/07/2017-avn-after-parties-photos/



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