2016 AVN Awards Show, Part 1 – The Post Red Carpet

by Curtis Isom, Founder/Editor-In-Chief

(Note: I waited till after the awards show had been shown on Showtime before I posting any of my pictures.  I did have the honor of having one of my shots published in a magazine that did an article on the awards show shortly afterwards, but I choose to wait a bit longer.)

One of the best times during the 2016 AVN week was getting the opportunity to shoot the 2016 AVN Awards Show.  Originally, I was going to do one article, but after going through the pictures, I decided to do two with being Part One covering what I call the “Post Red Carpet”.  Actually there was two red carpets, one main one which wound through the casino area of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and the second one that went through the hotel’s smaller Vanity Club.  Who got to walk which one was something I never found out but came out into the hallway outside The Joint where the awards show itself was being held.  The task I was handed was to get as many pictures of those coming off the red carpets as possible as well as getting shots inside The Joint before the awards show started.

I’m glad I wore comfortable shoes because I got my exercise that night!

So back and forth I went getting as many shots possible.  I moved around so much that I got stopped by the same person more than once to verify my credentials.  Really?  Like I have a face you could forget….. LOL!  Not everything I took came out as I liked because light sources from others photographers played havoc at times on some of my shots.  But I adapted as I went and although I feel I may have undershot the “Post Red Carpet” my first time out, I was overall pleased with the number of good shots I did get.

In deciding what I wanted to share with you, i chose to present shots with multiple people because if I didn’t I would have about as many shots for you as I did for the AEE. There were so many people dressed from the simple to the very elegant and I have some wonderful individual photos.  If you’re not in one of the accompanying pictures and want to know if I captures you, just drop me a line.  Let me know what you wore and if I have it, a copy is yours for free.  I did have a few shortly after the show request copies and were pleased with what they received.  I’m honored my work is appreciated and if I get this opportunity again I know I’ll be prepared to get even more shots.  Enjoy!

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