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The picture above is one of the most artistic shots I’ve seen and I love it.  It’s of Feature Entertainer Katie Sutra and is used as the cover photo on her Facebook account.

It has also been reported NUMEROUS times for containing nudity, but Facebook has constantly stated the picture DOES NOT violate community standards.  So the picture stays.  But the picture keeps getting reported.  Even when Katie post a comment showing the report and how Facebook states the picture doesn’t violate community standards, that comment get reported for containing nudity!  At the time of writing this article, I know of this happening at least a dozen times.  A dozen times may not seem big to some, but when the reporting is almost on a daily basis, there’s a problem.  If this isn’t someone or a group harassing Katie Sutra, I don’t know what else you’d call it.

So the question now is:  “Why does Facebook constantly let this picture be flagged and the harassment of Katie Sutra continue?”

They shouldn’t.  And Katie Sutra isn’t an isolated incident.  There are others I know of, including myself, who have had pictures reported repeatedly, Facebook says they don’t violate community standards, but the pictures get reported again, and the vicious cycle continues.  Now since Facebook knows who is reporting pictures for nudity, they should also be aware of those who are doing it on a repeated basis.  And if you have people who are needlessly flagging pictures that don’t violate Facebook’s community standards, then Facebook should do something about it.

So what is Facebook doing?  They just allow it to happen.  So since they are allowing this to happen, Facebook is part of the harassment.  Plain and Simple.  And since Facebook refuses to do anything about those who needlessly harass others, they should either make the repeat offenders leave Facebook, or Facebook be ready to be sued for harassment.  Again, plain and simple.

Yes, I know Facebook has places where you can report things, but have you really looked at their “tools” for reporting harassment?  Here are a couple of examples straight from Facebook’s Help Index about harassment:

1) “What do I do if someone is attacking or harassing me on Facebook?

If someone is attacking or harassing you on Facebook, we suggest that you block this person. To report specific things this person has posted or sent you, use the report links.

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2) “What should I do if I’m being bullied, harassed or attacked by someone on Facebook?

Facebook offers these tools to help you deal with bullying and harassment. Depending on the seriousness of the situation:

Unfriend — Only your Facebook friends can contact you through Facebook chat or post messages on your Timeline.
Block — This will prevent the person from starting chats and messages with you, adding you as a friend and viewing things you share on your Timeline.
Report the person or any abusive things they post.

The best protection against bullying is to learn how to recognize it and how to stop it. Here are some tips about what you should — and shouldn’t — do:

Don’t respond. Typically, bullies want to get a response — don’t give them one.
Don’t keep it a secret. Use Facebook’s Trusted Friend tool to send a copy of the abusive content to someone you trust who can help you deal with the bullying. This will also generate a report to Facebook.
Document and save. If the attacks persist, you may need to report the activity to an internet service provider and they will want to see the messages.

Visit Facebook’s Family Safety Center for more information, tools and resources.

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Not much help when you don’t know who’s harassing you.  Especially when it comes to reporting pictures that are within community standards.  So much for Facebook providing you adequate help.  And it’s important to remember that Facebook DOES KNOW who is reporting your pictures, they can’t say they don’t.  But they aren’t sharing that knowledge and are taking the nonactive approach which therefore allows the harassment from those unknown to continue.

Which again, makes them party to the harassment.  The answer to that: Sue Facebook.

Facebook can’t talk about stopping harassment on Facebook when Facebook doesn’t really give you all the necessary tools to help you stop it.  And they can’t say it’s not within their authority when they know it is.  They want you to use their service, so therefore should be held accountable when others abuse that service to harass you and others.  And If you think Facebook can’t be sued over things like cover and profile pictures, then I suggest you read the following link:  http://www.theverge.com/2015/3/6/8160721/facebook-censorship-vagina-painting-france-lawsuit

And this isn’t just for those in the Adult Entertainment Industry, but across the entire board for EVERYONE!  Facebook needs to step up to the plate and hold those accountable for repeatedly reporting pictures that DO NOT violate community standards.  If not, and I cannot stress this point enough, then Facebook needs to be sued more for not doing everything within their authority possible to stop those harassing others with their service.  The invention of social media has helped bring the world more together as a true global community.  It has also allowed the bullies more and bigger opportunities to apply their trade.

I hope Facebook practices what they preach and takes a more active role in stopping people from needlessly flagging pics that don’t violate their community standards.  If not, then Facebook is part of the harassment and not part of the solution.

Let the conversation begin.

– Curtis L. Isom – Founder/Editor-In-Chief


EDITOR’S POSTSCRIPT – The day this article was posted, I learned that Katie Sutra was denied access to her Facebook account.  Evidently, whoever is harassing Ms Sutra claimed her account was either a spam or fake account and Ms Sutra had to provide Facebook with the necessary credentials to verify who she is so she could have access to her Facebook account restored.  This is utter bullshit and further proves that Facebook needs to change their standards/policies concerning harassment and needless account reporting.

On Friday, March 20, 2015 after additional efforts from Katie and her mother, Katie was able to regain access to her Facebook account!  Congrats Katie, I know it was a frustrating time for you, but truth triumphs every time!  Score another one for the good!!!!!!

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