Choosing a Name in the Adult Entertainment Industry – Update

Persistence does pay off.

In the original “Choosing  a Name in the Adult Entertainment Industry” article I addressed a wrong in this industry that needed to be righted.  A young lady (for a while I’ll still refer to as “The Imposter”) decided to use the name of well established Feature Entertainer Dakota Skye.  The article speaks for itself and “The Imposter” even commented on it trying to defend herself.

I suggest you read the original article as well as the comments which are very enlightening.

As previously stated, The Imposter claims she didn’t know there was another Dakota Skye and even Googled the name before deciding to use it.  Bullshit.  So she uses the name and precedes to try and make a name for herself in porn which the jury is still out on that.

I took a picture of The Imposter at the 2014 AVN expo, and why I didn’t make the connection sooner I won’t try to make an excuse for, but I addressed the issue when I was made aware of it.  Trying to make a name for yourself in porn is fine, but trying to do it by using someone else name is not only wrong, but just plain stupid.  And claiming ignorance is just……well…….ignorant.

After the article was posted, it made the rounds and The Imposter some gained support from those in the industry who saw it as a “she’s not doing anything wrong” stand and rallied behind her.  People like Tony Batman and Dj Platypus who had The Imposter on his podcast show.  During that interview when The Imposter mentioned getting into feature dancing, the question was asked, “Are you going to do puppet shows?”  This was an obvious cheap shot at the Original Dakota Skye whose puppet shows are famous and like no others.  Such a despiteful, immature, and unprofessional comment/question just goes to show you the childish mentality level of those who claim to “lead” this industry.

But when you know and consider the source of such a comment, you know it’s par for the course.  They also lobbied for The Imposter to be nominated for Best New Starlet of the Year at AVN, which The Imposter was.  But their efforts to lobby for her to win the award failed and that award was given to Carter Cruise.

In this case, persistence didn’t pay off.  Score one for the Good.

So what was the Original Dakota Skye doing about this?  Quite a lot.  Saying she was pissed off is putting it lightly, and she deserves to be.  After all, someone steals your name, tries to make a reputation on that name, and then claims ignorance when called out on it.  Being privy to some of how the Original Dakota Skye is handling this situation proves she’s one tough businesswoman who doesn’t back down.  She also sets an example for other women in this industry who can learn that standing up for yourself is not only right, but worth the effort.

I say this because an unexpected result of the original “Choosing a Name in the Adult Entertainment Industry” is the HUGE support the Original Dakota Skye has gained from those in the adult film industry.  At the 2015 AVN Expo, there were so many people who mentioned they had read the article and expressed such dislike for what The Imposter was doing.  They see her as becoming “toxic” and some even expressed refusing to work with The Imposter and felt she wasn’t what this industry needed.  They also hoped the Original Dakota Skye was doing something about it.  My response was, “She’s handling it, just wait and see”.  One of the things the Original Dakota Skye did was get her name trademarked.

This has so many implications down the line I can’t wait to see how they are handled.

Of course the haters like Tony Batman and Dj Platypus are still out there trying to tear The One and Only Dakota Skye down every way possible.  A good example of this is the recent podcast they did with Lisa Licious who is part of Sinsational Features and has taken over Dakota’s puppet shows since the Original Dakota Skye has retired from featuring to focus her attention on her company Sinsational Features.  Talk about pissing in the wind.  All that podcast does is show two men trying to be funny and just letting the public and others in the industry know how truly unprofessional these two are.  They are blind to the fact that their actions are only lessening their popularity in this industry and at the rate they are going, their circle of “friends” will only be comprised of those who are getting paid to be around. 

But I digress.So has the issue been resolved?  Here’s the latest development: 

Official Press Release:

Meet Kota Sky (the Starlet Formerly Known as Dakota Skye)

Young Superstar Trims Down Name, Slashes Legal Bills

VENICE, CA – Popular young starlet Dakota Skye is officially trimming down her name for something fresh and new and catchy and not shared by anyone else connected to the adult world: Kota Sky.

The name change was accelerated by pressure put on by another person using that name, but Kota is nonplussed.

“I love the whole nickname aspect of being called Kota!” she says. “I feel like it is a good thing, I get the similarity of ‘Dakota Skye’ but with less problems. I think ‘Kota’ is catchy and fun, certainly much better than ‘Dak,’ and I think it will be an easy transition for me and for fans.”

Kota will be on the Tastemakers show on Dash Radio: Loud Station today (Friday, Feb. 20). She won the award for Batch of the Week (tune in to learn more about that!). The show will air today between 3 pm & 6 pm PST. Go to to listen.

Kota had six nominations in the 2015 AVN Awards including Best New Starlet and Best Star Showcase for the all-Kota blockbuster Meet Dakota from Digital Sin.

For movies starring Kota Sky (no doubt to be billed for some time as Dakota), check out Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled 5 (Pure Passion) and the upcoming Pretty Little Pussies (New Sensations).

Kota is booking her own scenes and can be contacted at Follow the young starlet on Twitter @JustKotaSky and Instagram @JustKotaSky for hourly updates!
For everything Kota Sky go to

A Major Victory for the Original Dakota Skye and another score for the Good .  But I have to say I found this press release very interesting and there are a couple of things I’d like to point out:

1) “Slashes Legal Bills”  Let’s make it clear that changing her name to Kota Skye doesn’t relieve her of any or all legal actions.  Kota has FULLY been promoting under her previous name with the FULL knowledge that she was in the wrong.  To deny this is again, bullshit.  I refer you to her comment to the original article on this issue.  I contend that ANYTHING Kota promoted up to the point of the name change is fair game in the court of law.  Also, if this name change has been in the works for a while, which is easy to determine, then again Kota using her former name opens her up to additional legal ramifications.

2) Kota is booking her own scenes”  Does this means she’s doing everything herself without an agency representation?   Good luck with that because as I stated before, her popularity in the adult film business doesn’t seem to be growing, but shrinking from sources at AVN.  If she wants to book her own scenes fine, but from the short time she’s been in the industry and how she presents herself in public, I don’t see her lasting long and not having enough experience to handle this industry on her own.   Especially if she’s becoming as “toxic” as some view her and fandom only takes you so far.  She was with East Coast Talent last year and was dropped.  She was with Girlfriends Films at AVN this year, but have they already dropped her as well?  If that’s the case, I can see the end of her career coming fast.  It’s sad that a little girl who wanted to try and make a name for herself in this business took the bad path she did.  Again, companies don’t like working with those viewed as being “toxic” – even in porn.

So, to a point, this issue has been largely resolved.  A lot of what is left to do is removing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that Kota Skye has under her former name.  If she does it on her own, which I doubt she will, it’ll be a credit to doing what is right.   But I’m not holding my breath and can see lawsuits in the future and Kota, and maybe some of her supporters, paying for her misdeeds.

And finally, to The One and Only Original Dakota Skye – CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I know this has been hard on her.  It’s tough seeing a great friend go through this, but being able to do what I can and see the love and support others in this industry have for her was unbelievable.  Lets you know that right triumphs over wrong in the long run. 

It also provides an excellent example that standing up for yourself in this industry is worth it!  Congrats again Dakota Skye, THE ONE AND ONLY!  WELL DONE!

by Curtis L. Isom – Founder/Editor-In-Chief


  1. What does the word despiteful mean? When you want to write about someone else’s ignorance, you might want to have a little bit better mastery of the English language.

    This is entire rant is just biased trash by some bored fanboy. The whole “The Imposter” routine was truly childish and, of course, the word is spelled impostor, not imposter. If you want to claim ignorance, well, you’re just ignorant and I call bullshit on your entire argument.

    The porn star is like 19, probably 18 when she started using the name. She maintained that she got the idea, in large part, because she resembles Dakota Fanning. This is totally believable and, more likely than not, entirely true. Did she really google the name? Maybe not. She’s practically a child, so once she realized she’d made an error and that the immature dancer with the same name couldn’t be reasonable enough to see she was dealing with someone who didn’t have that greatest judgement to begin with and decided to make this a name-calling routine on Twitter, rather than reaching out to the child porn starlet, she more than likely panicked and that really shouldn’t surprise anyone with a few working brain cells.

    When I was 18 and my dad caught me in a lie, I usually told another lie and dug myself a bigger hole. It’s almost a rite of passage for teenagers to make these mistakes. Lest you think I’m fan a Dakota (Kota) Skye, I’m most certainly not. She is definitely an attractive young girl who made it very big in a very short time. Losing best new starlet, to the writer of this immature hit piece, was just a dig that falls completely flat. As if not winning an award somehow proves she’s what? Not successful? By any standard she was very successful, as were the several other girls who didn’t win that award.

    However, from everything I know about Kota Skye, she’s not just your typical young person who makes mistakes. On top of that, she very much falls into the stereotypical troubled person, from a crazy family, with little to not formal education, little to not street smarts and was doing the job because her life was a mess and she found herself in pretty much the only career she could make a decent living in. While I’ve not heard that she was mean or spiteful…or the kind of person who’d even think about the implications of using someone else’s stage name, she was definitely a train wreck and not the brightest bulb by any stretch. Her problems in her own life eventually made her once bright career get a little testy and led to her “retiring” from the business. Not that I think her decision to leave is any more rooted in intelligent long term planning than was her decision to use a name she probably hadn’t done enough research on.

    Still, the dancer has no such excuses and, at her peak, will never be as popular as the starlet. She is, however, almost certainly more intelligent and more adept at dealing with problems that come up in life in a mature way. She certainly didn’t choose to display this with how she handled this ridiculous matter. Kota Skye doesn’t have the capacity to think far enough ahead to even think of stealing someone else’s name. IF there was someone to blame, it would likely be the many “adults” who hired and represented Kota Skye for not having a way to screen names to prevent 18 year old high school dropouts, often from very bad families and who’ve been having sex and doing drugs long enough where the last thing that they think about is whether their porn name infringes on the trademark of a feature dancer that she almost certainly didn’t know existed.

    The dancer Dakota Skye could have taken the high road and she didn’t. She decided to get into a pissing match with a child with an IQ just north of Forrest Gump’s. Having some meathead write the above piece of spiteful, inaccurate and petty drivel, just further cements why the original Dakota Skye. She actually handled this issue in a more immature way than the porn starlet without a brain. That should truly embarrass her and give her fans something to think about. Of course, while I know that they exist, I’ve yet to identify one person who knew who the feature dancer Dakota Skye was in the first place.

    There was no malice here, clearly. Kota wasn’t trying to take money or attention away from Dakota. This should be obvious even to a child. You can pretty much sue anybody for anything in the country, but the idea that any litigation was even brought up here is ridiculous. Dakota made her point, she should have done so in a much more mature and professional way, but she didn’t. Now that Kota has returned to Florida with her old job at Wal-Mart ready and waiting when her porn money runs out, it’s truly sad to look back at this and see how overblown the matter got because Dakota seemed more interested in getting attention than in getting her name back.

    • Scott,

      I’m a bored “fanboy”? Hmmmmmm….that’s quite laughable! I appreciate and respect your comment, but evidently you don’t know the whole story. And know very little about the Adult Entertainment Industry whereas I’ve been around this business going on nine years. Long before Kota Skye came……..and has now evidently left.

      Even though you claim to NOT be a fan of Kota Skye, you’re coming her defense like your riding a white steed. My opinion. You must of missed her comment that her Google search when coming up with her porn name had no results which is utter bullshit. You’re story of Kota being the “poor little girl who’s just misunderstood” is your way of trying to justify the major fuck up Kota tried to pull.

      As to popularity, Dakota Skye IS MORE popular then Kota. Hands down. I know NUMEROUS adult actresses and actors who knew that Kota Skye was trying to make new name off the reputation of a well-know Feature Entertainer and support Dakota Skye. Some couldn’t believe Kota was even nominated for Best New Starlet and the word that kept being used to describe Kota was “toxic”. Says volumes about is going on behind the scenes. But as the industry has shown, you can have ZERO charisma (or talent) and still get nominated. It’s about politics, money, and how much you’re willing to be used.

      And finally, Dakota Skye DID take the high road when she stood up for herself and trademarked her name. To not do so would show weakness and allow others to run over you which IS NOT the Dakota Skye I know and respect. But again, If you can’t understand this, that’s on you.

      Plus, I wouldn’t talk about IQ’s Scott when you’ve complained about me taking cheap shots in my writing, but you do the same. I express my opinions in the style of writing that suits me and people apparently like it. So I must be doing something right.

      But again, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and hope you continue reading.

      -Curtis Isom, Founder / Editor-In-Chief

      • Does someone coming to the rescue on a white steed talk about that person’s lack of intelligence, among other unflattering things? Maybe your idea of hero worship means something different, because you’re still using your own dictionary and not the one the rest of use.

        Your little blog post was a one-side hit piece. Nominations in awards show are influenced by money and politicking? Damn, that explains “Argo.” There is no reasonable person in the industry who’d say she didn’t deserve, nor is there any shortage of porn startlets who are labeled “toxic” in an industry built on toxicity.

        You cite possibly the weakest anecdotal evidence that Dakota Skye has ever or will ever be as possible as Kota. In one year, she had far more twitter followers and had both been at the same AVN booth to sign, Dakota would have been recognized by few. Whom you claim to speak with is your business, but you make an even bigger fool of yourself claiming you know people without citing who they are. Not even one. No one knew Kota was using anyone’s name and the little fit Dakota through about the name was used to get attention for herself and probably brought her attention that she’s never had before. She should thank the young, stoner girl for being stupid enough to not have her management clear her name.

        There is NO level of impartiality in your hit piece. That is exactly the definition of a fanboy and it’s certainly your business to post this crap that pretty much no one reads ranting about something you clearly are heavily biased about but have no ability to look at with any level of reason.

        Anyone these days can throw up a blog and call themselves the editor-in-chief. The trashy and flawed arguments you make is evidence of that. Even most of your reply was just rehashing crap that I had debunked previously. Your are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

        • Scott,

          I find it interesting that you’re attacking me for my opinions which shows your lack of respect for others. But again your words show you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth on this issue. You at first claimed not to be a fan of Kota Skye, now you are? Pick a side and stick to it.

          I express my opinions on what I see in the Adult Entertainment Industry and don’t have to cite who my sources are. It’s called keeping confidences and why in this industry I’m one people are willing to talk to. I’m willing to call it as I see it and not color my opinions so to play to any particular audience. You, on the other hand, are playing the “hero” role in trying to defend Kota Skye’s honor. Maybe you’re trying to get her attention so she’ll sleep with you? Is that you’re game here? Let’s face the truth that you’re upset because I called out Kota Skye for the scam she was pulling and to a point still is – anyone seen the “WeAre18” TV ads? You can see it on Spike TV and I saw the ad was on YouTube as well. She’s using a name she’s not suppose to in order to make money. And this was AFTER she was told she was using The REAL Dakota Skye’s name!

          And about Twitter, did you know Kota Skye had numerous accounts and was following herself? Kinda pathetic. And the number of followers you have on Twitter really doesn’t matter when you think about it because how many of those followers actually give a shit? It should be about quality, not quantity.

          So what about this issue aren’t you getting? Oh, that’s right – the girl! I suggest you go to that Florida Wal-Mart you referred to previously while she’s working there and ask her out. But I bet you can’t because either you’re married, have a girlfriend, or just a desperate fanboy who doesn’t have the courage to. You call me out for not citing my protected sources, but can’t even post your last name. Why is that Scott??

          I’ve given you the chance to express your opinions and your level of respect for others is seriously lacking. Yeah, I’ve taken my shots at you, but you’ve asked for them. You don’t disrespect someone on their site and not expect to get called on it. You seem to forget where you posted and you’re attacking me? Right?

          Again, I’ve given you the chance to express your opinions by approving your comments, but you still don’t seem to fully understand the situation about Kota Skye even when the facts are given to you. And you don’t seem to know much about the Adult Entertainment Industry either. Are you a part of it? If so, I’d like to see you PROVE IT. Other than that, we’re done. There’s no use talking to a fanboy like you Scott who can’t admit he’s wrong when proven so.

          So you’re arguments Scott are falling flat and again you’re coming across as a man who’s desperately trying to impress a conniving little girl. Bash me all you want for my willingness to tell the truth about a little girl trying to pull one over on others and got caught at it.

          Give it fucking rest.

          Curtis Isom, Founder / Editor-In-chief
          Erotic World Media

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