“The Disillusioned Ones” – Update

By Curtis Isom, Founder / Editor-In-Chief

I knew “The Disillusioned Ones” would get responses when I wrote it.  Not a problem.  I was surprised by some who responded and what they had to say.  It’s why I didn’t post any new articles for the website in October and most of November, I was busy answering emails, exchanging direct messages and having video chats.  Still doing so.

This update addresses some of those responding before the planned interview with Dane Hansen during AVN week.  That is if he still decides to after reading this……

So here is the majority of those who responded:

1) PANDA and Non-PANDA members: Responses from these group was expected and were received here, the Erotic World Media’s Facebook page, and on my personal Facebook page from both PANDA and non-PANDA members.  What’s interesting is that the more reasonable discussions were done in private on Facebook by direct message while the more laughable ones were done in public.

Makes you wonder doesn’t it?  I guess they didn’t want to be held accountable for what they said in public.  And for the ones that did respond publicly, the majority showed a level of immaturity by posting personal attacks and not addressing the issues posted.

Anyway, there were a couple of responses from this group I do want to address:

A) Dj Platypus – I have NO reason to fear you and NEVER will.  I am fully within my First Amendment right to express my opinions on what I see and hear about this industry.  Although we haven’t met personally, we do have numerous mutual acquaintances some of which are now sharing some of your secrets because they see your response to my article as sanctimonious and self-serving.  They also feel your “holier-than-thou” attitude has run its course in this industry and now are sharing things about you that are not only embarrassing to you, but those you claim to proudly represent.  And in light of very recent, public litigation, you want to be extremely careful of your actions.

You never know who is paying attention.

And save the denials.  I’ve been able to fully verify the majority of what is being shared so I know it’s valid.  I didn’t ask these people to come to me, they are talking to me on their own accord because your own words convicted you.  Remember you claimed to never have used the word “whore” in talking about women in this industry.  Ok.  But you never denied using any other derogatory terms which numerous people have pointed out.

Again, I am entitled to express my opinions just as you are.  Other than that, have a nice day!

B) Dane Hansen – Mr. Hansen, by a DM on Facebook, has previously agreed to the interview.  Again, why he chose Facebook and not respond publicly on the Erotic World Media website is a question I have been asked numerous times.  I don’t know, but maybe because he’s scared of what his employer or others would say?  You be the judge.

Anyway, there are some rules to the interview I’ll lay out here for all to see.  These are not negotiable and Mr. Hansen needs to respond by Midnight, EST 12/31/14 here, to this article, that he accepts these terms.  Not doing so means he backs out.  I’ve a very busy schedule for the week of AVN and don’t need to be wasting my time with Mr. Hansen’s games.  Here are the terms:

– 1. No other PANDA members, associates, or media friends of Mr. Hansen are allowed to be at the interview.  No Exceptions.  This is an one to one interview and not an opportunity for some sort of gang attack.  As the President of PANDA, Mr. Hansen should be able to defend himself and the organization on his own.
– 2. For clarification, this is me interviewing Mr. Hansen.  Not the other way around.  I offered Mr. Hansen the opportunity to clear the air about PANDA and he has accepted.  To try and change things around will just show that PANDA and its members are trying to hide something.
– 3. There is no previewing the questions that will be asked by myself.  The list of questions has been compiled by myself with the help of others, and all questions will be kept PRIVATE till the interview to avoid any pat answers.
– 4.  The interview will take about an hour, maybe longer, and the place will be told to Mr. Hansen after I arrive in Vegas.  Since my schedule is fast becoming booked, the best time currently available is from 10am to 2pm on the 20th for the interview.  This is gives Mr. Hansen ample time to arrange his schedule to do the interview.
– 5. The interview will be recorded and no one will have access to the original recording unless previously approved.  The interview will be posted online and a link to it posted on the Erotic World Media website.

Again, Mr. Hansen has till Midnight EST, December 31st, 2014 to respond here.  Nowhere else.

2) Club Owners and Managers: I was surprised to get emails from club owners and managers who wanted to compare notes about PANDA.  They knew most of the same things I had about PANDA, as well as others.  After reading “The Disillusioned Ones”, some of them had more questions about PANDA and things presented in my article not addressed by PANDA members or their associates.  I learned from discussions with this group they feel they aren’t getting straight answers from PANDA members.  They’re just receiving the usual pat answers such as, “Let me check on that” or “I don’t know, but I’ll find out for you” to avoid any real deep discussions when pressed further.

No surprise there.  Can’t get a straight answer from those who aren’t on the same page.

This group of club owners and managers have so many questions about PANDA that they suggested and helped formulate a number of questions to be asked of Mr. Hansen in Vegas.  As previously stated, these questions are being kept private till that interview time comes.  I’ll state if the if PANDA President Dane Hansen can’t answer this group’s questions reasonably, things could get very interesting for PANDA and its members and some associates.

3) Female Entertainers: The other response group that surprised me.  Overall, the entertainers responding did so in private because they fear retaliation from PANDA members and their associates.  This speaks volumes about the general atmosphere of this industry and it’s attitude and treatment of the women in it.

The ladies expressed an appreciation for my willingness to stand up against things like PANDA that could have a negative effect on this industry.  I appreciate the support, but I don’t write to please others.  I write about what I see and hear in this industry – the good and the bad.  Being willing to stand up for the industry and against those who abuse it is a task I welcome.  Won’t make me popular with some, but screw it, you can’t please everyone.

You just stand up for what is right.

In addition, I looked over the PANDA website (pandamembers.org) and a few things caught my attention:

A) Mission Statement – Most professional organizations have a mission statement which states the goals and objectives of the organization.  Usually on the Home page and easily found.  The closest thing I could find on the PANDA website is the following found under the “About” tab of the menu and entitled “What is Panda?”  And I quote:

“This really explains exactly who we are. We are a family. We believe that what we do for living IS a profession and you can make this a career. No more awkward moments when someone asks what you do for a living. Say with pride that you are a PANDA! And owners, rest easy knowing your Djs are PANDAS. We strive for excellence and we are guided by the PANDA “Code Of “Ethics.””

End quote.  An explanation?  Really?  Where’s the specifics in carrying out what they say?  Sounds like they just tried to address me calling them a “so-called professional” organization and didn’t provide proof.  Which brings me to my next, and a major, point…

B) Code of Ethics –  As stated in “The Disillusioned Ones”, I asked for a copy of this Code of Ethics and was promised a copy of such by both PANDA President Dane Hansen and PANDA Board member Steve Watson and have yet to see one.  Where is it?  They mentioned having a so-called “Code Of Ethics” on their website, but none can be found.  Don’t tell people you are governed by something you can’t or won’t produce because you really don’t have one.  They’re lying.  Plain and simple.

C) What’s Missing – There are things missing on the PANDA website that other true professional websites include.  Some was mentioned in “The Disillusioned Ones” and others were brought up by the club owners and managers responding.  The things missing are what PANDA and it’s associates claim in public/private PANDA stands for but don’t have it on the website.  Evidently the Pandas who created the website didn’t think things out and all they have is basically a music and podcast link sharing site.  Nothing of substance discussing a professional organization with goals and objectives for others to see and read.

Think about it people.  It’s right there is plain sight….or not.  PANDA may figure it out and add what’s missing before the interview, but I don’t think they have a clue, can buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle.

I mentioned in “The Disillusioned Ones” I believe PANDA is a type of “con job” and still do after looking over the website and all the discussions that have taken place.  I will reveal these reasons during the interview with Mr. Hansen.  Until that time, I appreciate the massive input from those who want to see this industry better itself and have serious questions about PANDA.  An organization like PANDA, that claims to be something it’s not, isn’t good for this industry.  And even though PANDA President Dane Hansen has put out a “Don’t talk to ANYONE from Erotic World Media” order, there are still people willing to break ranks and discuss what they are hearing behind the scenes.

Good for them.  Because maybe they are true professionals and not those lock stepping to the tune of Mr. Hansen and the PANDA board.

Vegas looks to be epic……HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

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