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by Curtis Isom – Founder / Editor-In-Chief

While covering the 2014 Exxxotica Chicago, I got he opportunity to visit Chicago’s Club Allure.  If you’re unfamiliar with the club, you should because this is an establishment like no other I’ve yet to see in the Midwest.  Part of it’s popularity is that it’s been in a long running lawsuit with the convent next door.  I’m not going to go into details about the lawsuit, you can web search it yourself, but I think the lawsuit is frivolous because there’s another gentlemen’s club just around the corner form Allure and the convent seems to have no issues with it.

But as my friend Ray Z. pointed out, “It’s some of the best publicity a club can have!”  I agree.

I knew a little about Allure before this visit because I met one of the new owners, Tommy, at this year’s Sexcon.  I was introduced to another, Vince, at Exxxotica Chicago, and then Shawn when we arrived at the club.  Talking to all three makes one feel like family which is something that speaks volumes about how they run their club.  Yes, I’m a member of the media and people will try to buddy up to you, but my experiences dealing with others in this industry has provided me with a pretty decent “bullshit meter”.  And mine didn’t make a peep.

Upon arriving at Allure, the view is amazing and again have yet to see anything in the Midwest that compares to Allure on the outside!  Besides the beautifully lit sign at the entrance, the outside of the club itself looks like it belongs in Las Vegas instead of Chicago.  I got a chance to chat with the lighting designer of Allure and extended my appreciation of his work.  It’s not often you get to meet more of the technical people behind the scenes of a club, but being a technical guy myself, it’s a perk I enjoy doing when the opportunity presents itself.


So after seeing the outside of the club, I hoped that the inside wouldn’t disappoint.  And it didn’t

Now since the club was in business and busy, I shot where and when I could as to not disturb the patrons and respect their privacy.  So what I couldn’t shoot, I’ll do my best to describe, but I have to say you REALLY need to see this club in person to get the full effect!


These three pictures were shot from the second level balcony overlooking the club’s main floor.  To say this club is spacious is an understatement.  Its capacity is 400, but with additional space next door for the male review shows the total could easily exceed 600.  One can move around the club easily and smoothly.  Across form the balcony on the main floor is the entertainer’s main stage which takes up its entire side of the room.  The interesting thing about the main stage is the use of the entire wall behind it as a video screen.  I admit I have mixed emotions about this because I go to a gentlemen’s club to watch dancers on stage, not videos.  It takes away from the entertainer on stage (and her possible tips) plus not everyone will like the videos played.  My suggestion for the wall is to either project things like psychedelic images/patterns from the 60’s-70’s or shadow dancers.  If you really want to get creative, have a video camera that captures the entertainer on stage and projects that on the wall behind her.  That would not only keep the attention on the entertainer, but EVERYONE in the club could see her better!  Just a thought.

On the left and right sides of the room are booths (the red and blue awnings shown) with plenty of tables filling in between.  There is a smaller stage in the middle of the room for another entertainer and the Dj booth is up and to your right as you’re looking at the stage.

Another thing is the music level at the club is what I considered “perfect” –  loud enough to hear, but you could still carry on a conversation with the person next to you without shouting and bothering the other patrons.  Excellent.  And the dj let the dancers do their job and didn’t fill the room with excessive talk which made Allure’s atmosphere more natural and not forced.

One of the unique features of Allure is the bar located directly below the balcony overlooking the main floor.  This is no ordinary bar.  It’s sunken into the floor to where the customer’s side of the bar top is roughly 24 inches high and the bartender’s side is normal height.  Another feature of the bar is it’s automated mixed drink dispenser which mixes almost any drink after it’s punched in on the system’s keypad.  I haven’t seen this system before and hope more clubs employ it because this system keeps very accurate track of your liquor inventory therefore eliminating waste and free alcohol.  This is not to say you couldn’t give a free drink, you just keep better track of them!  I also think this “sunken bar” is advantage for the female bartenders because they could use it to their advantage to increase their own tips.  Yeah, that may sound a bit sexist, but I’m always “pro-business” and like to see people make money so it’s something to think about….

But this “sunken bar” isn’t the only bar in the club.  On the other side of the wall directly behind the “sunken bar” is another, more private lounge/bar as shown below.


Although this lounge/bar is on the other side of the wall from the main room, you can still hear music, but the atmosphere here is more intimate.  I could see customers coming back here for drinks with their favorite entertainer, get to know each other a bit more, then move to one of the private dance areas.  In the picture on the left, I want to point out the vertical blue neon light  This is inside a glass tube which is an elevator – believe it or not.  I  admit this surprised me when I saw it, but it takes you from this level to some of those private dance rooms and the balcony overlooking the main floor.  I didn’t try out elevator on this visit, but plan to next time.

The second level private dance rooms are intimate and tight so taking pictures was a challenge.  Again most of the rooms were occupied, so I took shots of two unoccupied rooms.  The first I call “Oriental” which was really hard to get shots because of its intimacy, but these two work well.


The second I call the “Bondage” as you can see by these two pictures.  If this room doesn’t fill you with questions and ideas, then I don’t know what to tell you. But I liked it!!!!  So many possibilities……….

IMG_2304 IMG_2302

I would be amiss if I didn’t say something about the quality of the entertainers at Allure.  In my opinion, even under the appropriate lighting of the club, I could see the pool of entertainers was top notch.  there wasn’t one I saw that I wouldn’t consider receiving a private dance from if I had more time.  Something to look forward to next time.

So the beautiful entertainers, the private dance rooms, and the rest of the décor of Allure all suit the club’s name perfectly.  How a club of Las Vegas caliber is found in the Chicago, Illinois area is amazing and one I hope anyone who has the time to visit it does so.

You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

In closing, I want to thank Tommy, Vince, Shawn, and the rest of the Allure staff for their time and cooperation in allowing me to see the club and take pictures.  Again, making one truly feel like family is a lost on most clubs, so keep up the great work!  I also extend a special thanks to one of my best friends in this industry, Ray Z., for taking the time to take me to this outstanding club.  You’ve definitely found me an excellent home away from home club that I look forward to enjoying when I visit Chicago.

Allure is located at 3801 W. Lake Street in the Stone Park suburb of Chicago.  You can contact the club at 708-344-3848 or visit the club’s website at for more information.


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