Feature Dancer & Pole Dancer National Championships – Winners

by Curtis Isom, Founder/Editor-In-Chief

September 4, 5, & 6, 2014 saw the inaugural Feature Dancer National Championships & Pole Dancer National Championships (FDNC & PDNC) at Mademoiselle Folie Bergere in Buffalo, NY.  This newest competition from Sinsational Features, led by Dakota Skye and Thomas Hischak, is one that sets the bar to a much needed higher level of competition and encourages cooperation and camaraderie between the contestants.  Although Erotic World Media wasn’t able to attend this year, the event was covered by outstanding photographers Ricky Rich, Richard Kent of Xcitement Magazine, and Misha Moore of Adult Quest Magazine.  The FDNC & PDNC was emceed by one of the industry’s best, if not THE BEST, djs around – Dj Michael Toast, Las Vegas bad boy and much sought after Host with the Most!

SondrasaxonawardOne of the awards presented was the Sondra Saxon Award: Most Heart, Soul & Desire. Sondra Saxon was an industry favorite who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year.  For those of us, myself included, who got to meet and know Sondra, she was the epitome of what a Feature Entertainer should be.  Hands Down.  Her husband, Tony Lowry, was one of the judges and at the event awarded this tribute to Isis Haze.

I know Sondra is smiling upon us all and very happy to be honored this way.  Congrats to Isis Haze for winning this award and who I know is honored as well.

The FDNC & PDNC was divided into three divisions, Feature Dancer National Championships – Masters Division, Feature Dancer National Championships – Newcomer Division, and the Pole Dancer National Championships.  The winners of each division is as follows:

A. 2014 Feature Dancer National Championships – Masters Division
Grand Champion – Bambu Jessica
1st Runner Up – Trinity Turner
2nd Runner Up – Tara Dega

Mini Titles: (Masters Division)

  • Best Props – Dancer Rain
  • Best Show – Trinity Turner
  • Best Costume – Dancer Rain
  • Best Buns – Tara Dega
  • Best Legs – Bambu Jessica
  • Best Breasts – Destiny B Wilde
  • Prettiest Face – Tara Dega
  • Hardest Body – Feature Entertainer Kimberly Johnson
  • Best Pole Performance – Trinity Turner
  • Hottest Stage Personality – Bambu Jessica
  • Audience Favorite – Malibu Jenn Garrett
  • Miss Sensuality – Tara Dega
  • Best Dancer – Kimberly Johnson

B. 2014 Feature Dancer National Championships – Newcomer Division
Grand Champion – Isis Haze
1st Runner Up – Jaymi Love
2nd Runner Up – Sapphire Rainz

Mini Titles: (Newcomer Division)

  • Best Props – Isis Haze
  • Best Show – Isis Haze
  • Best Costume – Jaymi Love
  • Best Buns – Kitty
  • Best Legs – Marina Dancin
  • Best Breasts – Sapphire Rainz
  • Prettiest Face – Sapphire Rainz
  • Hardest Body – Sapphire Rainz
  • Best Pole Performance – Katie Sutra
  • Hottest Stage Personality – Nova Caine
  • Audience Favorite – Jaymi Love
  • Miss Sensuality – Ginger Snaps
  • Best Dancer – Marina Dancin

C.2014 Pole Dancer National Championships:

Grand Champion – Trinity Turner
1st Runner Up – Katie Sutra
2nd Runner Up – Dancer Rain

Mini Titles: (Pole Division)

  • Best Execution – Trinity Turner
  • Miss Flexibility – Trinity Turner
  • Most Original Performance – Katie Sutra
  • Best Choreography – Katie Sutra
  • Hardest Body – Tara Dega
  • Audience Favorite – Kitty
  • Most Difficult Tricks – Katie Sutra
  • Best Transitions – Dancer Rain
  • Best Legs – Tara Dega
  • Best Breasts – Koyotee J VonDiva
  • Best Buns – Tara Dega
  • Most Sensual – Koyotee J VonDiva

Congratulations to all the Winners!!!!  Your hard work is truly noted and appreciated and you’re all class acts from start to finish!  Congrats to Sinsational Features for creating another successful event. I can’t wait to see what Dakota Skye and Tom’s next project will be, but know it’ll be outstanding as well.  It takes teamwork to make events like the FDNC & PDNC come together and be the success it was.  From Dj Michael Toast, to Mademoiselle Folie Bergere, to all the media who covered and help promote this event; EVERYONE can be proud to say they were a part of the 1st Annual Feature Dancer National Championships & Pole Dancer National Championships.

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