“Playing Politics” article Insight

by Curtis L. Isom, Founder/Editor-In-Chief

When I write and post an article on Erotic World Media, it’s after much time in researching and fact gathering.  I stand by what I write.  And I really don’t need to explain why I write what I do, but I’ll make an exception.

The recent article, “Playing Politics in the Adult Entertainment Industry”, was written an with underlying reason in mind that I didn’t want to explain till seeing the response.  And evidently, the article must of hit a nerve when I used the example of a real sexual predator stalking our clubs today.

And people know who I’m talking about.  I just choose not to name them outright because of smart legal council.  This real scenario happening NOW and supported by hard evidence some of which has been requested and turned over to the appropriate authorities.

So why did I choose the sexual predator as an example?

In my personal life, as well in the industry, I have more female friends than male.  Just happens.  What I don’t tell people is that I have met a number of  ladies who have been victims of abuse. Both physical and mental.  And keeping those confidences secret is paramount to me and some even previewed the “Playing Politics” article before posting to get their feedback.  All positive.

Anyone who abuses a woman is scum and a blight on society.  And our industry.

Abusing a women is something I don’t approve of and won’t stand for anywhere.  And there are too numerous ways to abuse a women to list here, but I’m not talking about what you see staged on film or if someone has to defend themselves from a physical attack.  I’m referring to real life, behind closed doors, women being subjected to mental and physical abuses they NEVER asked for.

Women DO NOT need to be abused.  In or out of this adult industry.  Women are the foundation of this industry and not a commodity to be dehumanized and freely
traded.  But that is the mindset of the alpha males who claim to be top dogs and run the strip club industry.  Some say I’m “pro dancer”, when I speak of how women are treated, but actually I’m “pro business”.

Are you understanding me here?

I’m not saying there aren’t industry men who don’t share my viewpoint, there are.  But there is a rising tide of those who openly disrespect, use, and abuse the women of this industry then wonder why the industry is in the shape it is.  And also think they can get away with it, that no one will speak up.

Are we fucking kidding me?

Whether or not you approve of the opinions I express in writing, I have one very simple question for you: Do you approve of someone abusing a woman?  Yes or no?  There is no “grey area” in this question, either you do or you don’t.

And ladies, do you care about yourself and your female friends in the industry?  I know most of you do, but also feel frustrated in the state of things.  Some people feel helpless and would rather turn a blind eye, stay focused on themselves, and ignore what’s happening around them.  To those I have to ask, “would you want your mother, sister, or daughter to be abused?”

Again, yes or no?

That question is not only for the women in this industry, but the men as well.

Yes or No?

So I propose this challenge: If you don’t approve of women being abused, then I ask you to like and share this post on facebook.  Or if you’re reading this on the Erotic World website, share the article link.

If you do approve of women being abused…..then you’ll do nothing.  And that says volumes about you.  I know people will say, “no”, but their actions will eventually betray them.

So what are you going to do?

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