Pole Dancer Interview: Valerie mae

Freeze Clemmons!

I’m Special Agent Natasha Romanoff of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Are we going to conduct this interrogation in a civilized manner?

Or do I have to ZAP you with my Phone LASER?


Travis: At dance competitions, you bill yourself as Mariah. What are the origins of that moniker?

Vãlërîë Mãë: That was my dancer name when I first started so I kept it. Everyone used to say I looked like Mariah Carey.

Travis: Is there any kind of strong line of distinction between the Valerie and Mariah?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Mariah is like my alter ego. I can do whatever as Mariah. I’m like superwoman. Valerie is my “professional” self.

Travis: And is Valerie a bit more shy or reserved?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I wouldn’t say shy. But reserved yes. More like careful.

Travis: How did you get into Pole Fitness and Pole Dancing?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I started stripping when I was 18 years old and it just wasn’t my thing. I found miss pole and it was meant to be.

Travis: And how does the family feel about you being a Pole Instructor and Performer?

Vãlërîë Mãë: My mom is my biggest fan. She was at the Stripperpalooza when I placed first and she cried. She tells everyone about it. I’m very Grateful and fortunate.

Travis: Based on your comment about stripping … Should I take it that you wouldn’t want to do the type of Stage Work that Ladies like Vayda Kiss, Artemis Moon and Phoenix Phires are doing?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I think that they’re features .  Which in my mind, is like an ultimate stripper. The cream of the crop. If I had the charisma that those ladies have on stage, hell yeah I’d do more stage but I’m a poler. That’s what makes me happy.

Travis: Makes sense.  So let’s move on to the basic “Girl Watcher” questions.  How tall are you?

Vãlërîë Mãë : 5′ 4″ in my bare feet.  6’0″ to 6’1″ in my heels.

Travis: And if I were going to buy a pair of high  heels for you … What should I be looking for?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Black 8″ to 9″ Pleasers.

Travis: Pleasers?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Yeah.   Pleasers:  The typical eye catching stiletto every woman should have in her closet 😉

Travis: Gotcha … As in “Pleasing the one you’re with”

Vãlërîë Mãë: Exactlyyyyy   There’s a brand or two that uses some variation of that name.  And some girls just refer to any shoe of that style as a “Pleaser”.

Travis: In defining the types of shoes that would qualify as “Pleasers” …Pumps?  Boots?  Some spike heeled sandals?  Or does more than one of these styles qualify for that definition?

Vãlërîë Mãë Pleasers can be all types of styles and colors. Some of the boots are pretty wicked.

Travis: And in that 8″ to 9″ of high heel … How much would usually be caused by the platform?

Vãlërîë Mãë In an 8″ to 9″ heel, roughly 4″ would be the platform and the rest would be the way the shoe turns my ankle.

Travis:And are you more of a bare leg kind of gal? Or do you feel that the right hosiery can really help an outfit on certain occasions?

Vãlërîë Mãë:  I do like stockings on some women in certain settings. However, I need my skin to stick to the pole so it’s not realistic for me to wear them while performing.

Travis: Completely Understood. Several girls have told me that (from a style standpoint) one of the disadvantages of pole performing is that you can’t do as much dressing up on stage. That you basically have to do the booty shorts and the bikini top and maybe some high heels. How do you work your outfits around that … To get the maximum “Oh Yeah” factor from the audience?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I have been accessorizing my outfits since I started dancing. I love ankle cuffs … Really like my ankles and feel naked it I don’t have something on them. Hair and makeup are also super important In my mind as well. It’s puts the whole package together. T

Travis: One of the first things my wife and I noticed about you was those ankle cuffs. How did those make their way into your costume wardrobe?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I used to wear leg warmers religiously. They were just too bulky so I started playing with new ideas and whaaaalaaa! Mariah’s ankle cuffs were born!! Lol

Travis: At the Science Fiction and FantasyConventions … I met a lovely girl who was the manager and stage babe for an alternative rock band. At the Cons … She was always wearing fairly large and ornate angels wings. When someone asked her about them in an interview … She said “I honestly feel naked if I’m in public and I don’t have them on”

Vãlërîë Mãë: Yes! Exactly. I feel like I’m missing a part of me if I don’t have my ankle cuffs on.

Travis: And from a personal vs dancing standpoint … How do you go about picking things like undies and lingerie?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Personally I love Victoria’s Secret! (What woman doesn’t?)  For dancing I am always in black booty shorts. Nothing fancy.

Travis: And if I were going dress shopping … What are your measurements?

Vãlërîë Mãë: 32 – 26 – 36

Travis: Eye Color?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Brown.

Travis: If I asked you to be ready for a casual dinner (pizza / burgers / wings / or whatever) and a movie. What style should I expect to see when you open your front door and say hello?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I’m a jeans and hoodie type if girl. I do like to get dressed up once and awhile for a nice night.

Travis: And if we were doing that dress up date … Fancy dinner and then a cabaret show or maybe a cocktail party?

Vãlërîë Mãë: A black dress and heels. Curly hair and very  red lips.

Travis: Ever do the false eyelash thing?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Yes.  I love long false lashes but they’re bad for your natural lashes so I usually try to avoid them.

Travis: So … Maybe for a really fancy event but mostly stay away from them?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Yes.  Sometimes I throw them on when I want to feel elegant.

Travis: Trust me … You have a touch of natural elegance  My wife and I agree on that.

Vãlërîë Mãë: Thank you.

Travis: As best I’ve been able to determine … I’m about 3/8 Cherokee. The rest is Welsh, English and French.  Could you tell me a bit about your background?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I’m mostly Norwegian and German.  And I’m about 1/4 Cree.

Travis: Back in September, when I first met you, your skin appeared largely virgin and untouched. Since then, one of your arms appears to have had a very torrid love affair with a tattoo needle. What has brought all of that about?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I’ve always been in love with the art of tattoo. I’d already had my lower back and thigh done when we last saw each other.  I’ve always wanted a sleeve and finally had the time to do one on my right arm.

Travis: Do you plan on having illustrations done on any other body areas?  The legs?  Maybe a bit more on the back?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I do.  I plan on adding into my original pieces.

Travis: And how is the Cree part of your heritage involved in the pictures and patterns you are having done?

Vãlërîë Mãë: It’s the main focal point.  I love that I come from a Native American background and I love the art. It was only right to add it to my temple.

Travis:  And how do you define your body as “your temple”?

Vãlërîë Mãë: My body is a temple in that I was given this body and I plan on protecting it. I eat clean and exercise to help maintain my lifestyle. I choose to decorate my temple with my heritage, ideas and dreams.

Travis: And do you plan in doing all tattoos in black and flesh tone? Or will a bit of color sneak in here or there?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Black and white. I don’t plan on adding any color

Travis: And if we were dating … And I offered to pay for a special tattoo somewhere (as something like a birthday present) … About how big would it be and about how much would it cost me?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I love big pieces. Seeing as I’m almost done with my right sleeve, I’d start adding onto some other part. It’s $100/hr and I usually sit for around 3hours. So roughly $300.

Travis: So … You’d be a “moderately expensive” sugar baby?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Haha yes!  There is a lot of money pumped Into my skin.  (And even though we’re not dating, my birthday is in two months and the other arm is feeling a bit naked – wink wink)  LOL

Travis: (chuckle)  Have you been conferring with Phoenix Phires?  Cause she throws that “even though we’re not dating” bit of teasing at me from time to time 😉

Vãlërîë Mãë: No LOL.  We don’t talk at all. Just coincidence.  ( wink wink )

Travis: (snickering)  If “0” equals Total Tom Boy and “100” equals Total Sugar Baby … Where do you think Valerie is on the number line?   And does your place on that line ever rise or lower … Depending on the occasion or your mood?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I’d say valerie stays around 25.  The girl loves guns and cars. But she isn’t afraid to get pretty once and awhile.  Mariah is at least an 85. A complete girly girl who’s in love with makeup and rainbows and maybe a unicorn or two.

Travis: A lot of dancers, who are tattooed, have also had cosmetic surgery. Have you considered that in any way?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I had debated getting implants, but I was given this body and I have realized I’m happy with what I have.

Travis: At the Dance Classes and the Stage Competitions … There’s a lot of silly innocent flirting going on between many of the dancers. Mainly as a way of building friendships and working off stress.  Then there also appears to be to be a solid minority of them who would welcome something a bit more intimate with another girl if the opportunity presented itself.  How do you navigate through all of this?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I’ve never been hit on! I’d probably be like WTF!  LOL  I love being a woman because we can get away with the meaningless girly flirting. I truly believe it’s pretty much all in fun.

Travis: You’re in your early 20s.  Have you taken any college courses? Or was it pretty much a case of leaving high school and going straight into the working world?

Vãlërîë Mãë: I began working my senior year in high school. I hope once my life slows down some to go back to school.

Travis: And where would you hope to be business wise in like 10 years? 20? 30?

Vãlërîë Mãë: In 10 years I should have my own pole studio, graduated from collage, and no kids.  20 years I should have 10+ studios all over USA.  And in 30 years, I hope to be retired and living somewhere warm and still hopefully able to pole.

Travis: Any additional thoughts on where you’d like the personal part of your life to head?

Vãlërîë Mãë: No. That about sums it up.

Travis: What advice would you give to a young woman who was asking about trying something like Pole Dancing as a profession? (Either teaching or Performing)

Vãlërîë Mãë: I would urge them to take a pole dance class or two. It is crucial to the safety of the dancer.

Travis: And is physical conditioning a bit more important than many people initially believe?

Vãlërîë Mãë: It’s important to learn but you don’t have to be like that when you start.  At Miss Pole we start everyone at the beginning. Where to place your hands and feet. How to correctly execute a spin.  Then we build the strength needed to progress further.  But there’s no major physical conditioning prerequisite before you begin learning how to pole.  Just that you learn how to properly do the moves and care for your body.

Travis: Okay …  Anything else you’d like to tell the readers? Any points I might have missed that you’d like to touch on?  Do you possibly want to promote an upcoming event or the studio you work at?

Vãlërîë Mãë: Besides being a competitive Pole Dancer …  I’m the Office Manager at Miss Pole in Brookfield Wisconsin.  We have been open more than 6 years.  We also have locations in Madison and Kenosha.  You can find us on line at …  www.misspole.com

Travis: Thank you for sharing this time with me.

Vãlërîë Mãë: You are very welcome.

By Travis Clemmons

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