Choosing a name in the Adult Entertainment Industry

I am not picking on this young lady I met at AVN, but there’s something I wanted to point out.  If you’re looking at the pictures from the 2014 AVN, you’ll see her with the name “Dakota Skye”. 

Now, this IS CLEARLY NOT the same Dakota Skye that is a Feature Entertainer, a personal friend, and who has been around LONGER than the young Adult Film Performer.   

Dakota 2  See the difference?  If not, you need glasses.  And I have the upmost respect for both of these ladies.

My question is how this young lady was able to use a name already taken in the adult industry?  I thought that when you picked a name to use as a performer, you were to choose one that wasn’t already being used to eliminate any confusion.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard about this happening.  I know Feature Entertainers who do research to prevent this issue to only then have their name “stolen” by some new Adult Film performer maybe trying to cash in on the established reputation.

This is name recognition and branding issues we are talking about here.

So who dropped the ball?  Was someone so lazy that they couldn’t take the time to do some research?  Did they just wanted to assign a name to another of the countless new talent and didn’t give a shit?  .

This is a really screwed up mess and a sign of how lazy things are getting in this industry.  But I believe it’s an issue that can be fixed because it’s not that hard.

My suggestion is that the young lady who is the Adult Film performer change her name.  Simple as that.  If she choose the name “Dakota Skye” and KNEW there was already someone in the industry by that same name, shame on her.  But if someone else picked her name without doing their research, then the blame falls on them.   

And I can imagine there will be some industry people saying, “Who’s gives a shit?”  To me, those are the people our industry can do without because they don’t care and another proof of how lazy our industry has gotten.  Plain and simple.  I don’t know if this issue will be resolved, but I hope it can because I know there have been others who have gone to court to resolve this previously, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.  The courts are already filled with mindless bullshit cases as it is, our industry can resolve this ourselves and move forward.

I invite anyone who has a civil opinion on this issue to share it.  Again this is about name recognition and branding yourself where you can make it in this business.

Would you want it to happen to you?

by Curtis Isom, Editor-In-Chief


  1. Would you like me to change my name by a letter? Because don’t tempt me, I will 🙂

    I don’t appreciate this post stating I was to lazy to do researched, if your feature dancer realized there is a professional movie called Dakota Skye that’s already copyrighted.

    Why didn’t you have the decenty to mention it to my face if you met me?

    If Dakota Skye has a problem she can contact me. She’s not in the film industry she’s in the dancing industry. Two different worlds.

    • I appreciate your response, and suggest you do change your name. Even if it’s by one letter. Others have done it in the past. I didn’t notice this issue till I was going through the pictures. Your movie reference doesn’t really apply here, because it is just that – a movie. We are talking about two ladies who are a part of the Adult Entertainment Industry with the same name. Even though you two are from different parts of the same industry, IT DOES matter because it does cause confusion. Think about it. Again, I have the upmost respect for you and just addressing an issue that has happened more than once. Thanks again for your response and it was a pleasure meeting you at AVN.

  2. Thank you very much for writing this article Curtis. I appreciate it very much!! I am certain that EVERY entertainer, porn or not, that is in this industry would not like it if someone came in the business and took their name. It’s just wrong!

    • You’re welcome Dakota. As I sated previously, this isn’t the first time this has happened and anyone wanting to get into this industry needs to do the name research to prevent confusion. Simple as that. 🙂

  3. I have bin an entertainer for 15 years . Danced in 4 different countries and a lot of different clubs. Also, i had my fair share of competing in various competitions and appeared on billboards and in some magazines. Therefore, i assume that i do have enough experience and knowledge about this kinda business to put my 2 cents in. During all this time i had pleasure of meeting tons of great performers either they were dancing or performing in movies. Some with big names, some brand new in the adult entertainment industry. From my perspective as an audience, i only remember names of performers who made it pretty big in industry and are unique . Unique with their beauty, personality, shows and of course the name. When i hear the familiar name, i automatically see the lady who had it for quite awhile and made it significant Instead of someone who is starting to break their way in. please help me to understand, why would someone want the same name? Even if it would be spelled with different letter but sound exactly the same? Why would someone want to be shadow of another, more advanced in the Industry? Why not be unique and different so people can remember and not be confused about who is who? Why not create your own industry persona so u can stand out and be different and original ? I never did and never would want same name as another entertainer. In this kind of industry it is very important to be you and different. That is the only that way audience will remember you.

  4. Hello friends! Hehe…ok here’s my 2 cents (cause you know Im gonna tell you anyway. Lol).

    I can totally and completely understand where you are coming from Curtis…and Featute Dakota. You have made a huge name for yourself and one of if not THE best feature dancer on the circuit today. I can only imaging the frustration of knowing you will have to “share” a name which opens up a whole other set if issues…especially when clarifying to clubs…fans…etc that you are in fact the FEATURE DANCER…not porn entertainer.

    With that being said…I don’t think it had anything to do with being “lazy” or malicious. (I think I know what you meant…that she was unconcerned or unaware that checking out the name before committing to it is suggested”)

    We as feature dancers have been dilligent in making sure we seperate ourselves as showgirls and not film girls (unless someone is BOTH and it benefits them to be identified as both). So…when we picked our feature names we usually used our housegirl first name (if we had one)…and added a last name for flair 🙂 I know I personally researched other feature names…got feedback from my first agent at the time (Ken)…then locked in my name when I was satisfied with what I had. I did not ONCE ask about or research porn star names to make sure no one had my name. I didnt even think about it! Now…im sure someone would have mentioned if there was someone with my name…but its comparing apples to oranges. Even though we are both adult performers…unless she is brand new AND starting a feature dancing career…why would she check about names not in HER industy? She probably made sure there was not another PORN girl with that name…because that’s what she does ..not feature dancing. Believe it or not there are SEVERAL features (past and present) who inadvertently chose a porn name because it wasn’t one of the uber popular porn STARS (Jenna Jameson…Stormy Daniels…Jesse Jane…Janine…etc). If this young lady transitions into FEATURE DANCING…then im sure she can be flexible and be billed as something like “Skye” and then add the XXX and then the aka. There are features (Gia Nova aka Playboys Kristina Nagova or Viva La muerte aka Pint sized pepper) who have “dual” names. Now I understand that its different because no one else has their name…but you get the point. Lol 🙂

    Again…Feature Dakota is one of dearest colleagues and friend…so she knows I have her back 100%…and I can imagine her frustration…but I don’t think Porn Dakota did anything intentional and I’m sure any confusion can be easily addressed. Hell, I would look at it as an opportunity to gain more fans. LOL (they google her…they find YOU then bam you may have another admirer 🙂 and vise versa)

    Ok…that’s my input…as long as it was. Hahaha ♥

    • Thank you Rachelle for your 2 cents worth of input that was very well spent! And you are correct, I wasn’t being malicious to the young lady, just pointing out that research should have been done before the name commitment. I also understand that some people see the feature and film business as separate, but we are all part of the same Adult Entertainment Industry and it doesn’t hurt to strive and keep the confusion down. Or eliminate it all together.

  5. I have met and seen the act of the REAL ORIGINAL “Dakota Skye” perform in person locally a total of 10 times in 5 different scheduled appearances since October 2012 at Kandy’s of Waterford, PA just south of Erie, PA.

    This newcomer(I am being nice) is no “Dakota Skye” and apparently gets by on being young and nubile in the adult industry porn area. With her appeal being having the build of of a little girl about 10 to 12 years old. Probably with men who fantasize about doing some little,chicken under 18 or 16. Not the full womanly curves of the Original “Dakota Skye” nor her rock hard through fitness sculpted body. The Original can hug me almost as hard as I dare hug her. And HER ABS are six pack to the point most of time it makes you think washboard and about doing laundry. Oh, no surgical enhancement on the original. The on,y way she would have any silicon is if she bought it tubes to help me caulk my aging windows. There is a difference in hang and feel.

    I suggest the newcomer change the last part of her professional Name to “Plains” or “Cloud” or “Skye Cloud” or something like that.

    I also suggest a baby oil wrestling match in July 2014 at Kandy’s between the newcomer and the Original “Dakota Skye” during Erie’s “Roar on the Shore” motorcycle rally. Followed by one with the newcomer and “Pint size Pepper”! Half of all tips could go to a local charity.

  6. Ok, so here’s my 2 cents. I personally feel regardless whether you are a porn star or a show girl it is unprofessional to have the same name as anyone that is already established in this industry. I work at hustler abs we’ve had both show girl and porn star features. In cases like this it would cause some confusion regardless of whether you are a porn star or a show girl because fans and even club owners, managers, and house dancers are expecting one person and thing that they love and end up disappointed. And changing it by letter won’t help either, people tend to go by sound, like listening when upcoming events are being announced over a mic. It’s better to just change your name to something original and fits not just your personality but the type of performance you put on.

  7. I hear what everybody is saying. Now here is my input.

    In my opinion, it does not matter if a newbie is planning to be a showgirl, or an adult film actress. Things can change. For instance, I have known a number of showgirls who later decided to enter the adult film industry such as Nina Mercedez, Devon Michaels, Stormy Waters, who changed her last name to Daniels, and Lexi Lamour. Also, there are a great many adult film actresses who decided to start feature dancing. Therefore, it is important no matter how a young woman plans to start out in the adult entertainment industry that she do some research before selecting a stage and/or screen name.

    I myself originally planned to use the last name of Michaels, but quickly decided against it. The reason I didn’t go with Michaels was because of the fact that there were already several Michaels, both men and women, in the industry, and I didn’t want anybody to later accuse me of copying anything or of lacking originality.

    Within the last two years, a woman in the industry who was known as Jenni (Jenny?) changed her entire name, because she didn’t want to be confused with a Jennifer who had the same last name.

  8. These are not “2 different worlds” at all. They are both adult industry related. When you find out someone else has been branding and conducting business with a name that you have chosen or are about to choose, you change it. Not only is this the right thing to do. It’s the smart business thing to do. Not doing so is either an extreme case of ignorance or malice. No exceptions. Creating confusion in the market is bad business for all parties. Pick a unique name, and if you didn’t by accident, change it.

    • Spot On! And if someone is wanting to do more than one thing in this industry like films and feature, then do your research! Don’t just pick a name out of the blue and use it. Using a name that’s already being used is just rude, inconsiderate, and makes you look like you lack creativity. Without creativity on this industry, hang it up now before you embarrass yourself.

  9. I, the REAL Dakota Skye, wants to supplement the comment I previously made. I am a bit upset with this entire situation so, please excuse my sarcasm, I’m normally not this ‘pissy.’ Since this whole incident happened, I have found out a LOT of things. #1. The ALLEGED agency that the imitation Dakota Skye works for actually uses a name, and get this one, with 1 letter difference than another VERY REPUTABLE Talent Agency that has existed for quite a few years before the imitation agency started. Hmmmmm??? Trend has started. #2. The Agency AND the imitation Dakota Skye, BOTH knew of me prior to starting to use MY name. #3. The Agency did not think that I, the REAL Dakota Skye, had enough name recognition in the Adult Film Industry, to warrant not using MY name. They felt it was a non-issue. #4. The, now referred by me as the, ‘Imitation Agency’, even stole a slogan from my website and is using it on the imitation dakota skye’s page on their website! Now, as a side note, I’m also a little, and I stress ‘a little’ irritated that so many ‘certain’ people in this industry have NOT come forward and expressed their opinions on this issue, either way. It’s very sad (but expected) that ‘certain’ people aren’t voicing anything. BUT, if it happened to a certain ‘team’ OMG…..shit would be hitting the proverbial fan!! LOL Well, what goes around comes around, and I can promise everyone this……be an ass today, it’ll be your ass tomorrow!!! Thank you again Curtis Isom/Erotic World Media for putting this article out there and, a very special thank you to all who have expressed their opinions…in support or not, I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE YOUR VOICE!!!!!! Lots of Love, The REAL DAKOTA SKYE!!!

    • The REAL Dakota Skye,

      You have every right to be upset and “pissy”. Matter of fact, I think you are handling this situation with a sense of composure and dignity. This is an issue that NEEDS to be address in the industry, but there are those who find this trifling. Trifling? An agency and one of it’s talents knowingly uses a name that is well know in this business. Why else would you use it? To try and benefit off the reputation of someone else. I have reached out to her agency and have gotten no response. Why? Because they don’t think it’s an issue.

      This is utter bullshit.

      We need others to join this discussion and push for a resolution. And NOT just by changing one letter because that’s not good enough. Change the “imposter’s” name entirely. Not that hard. But why don’t other’s join the discussion? Because they really don’t want to go against the “status quo” and speak up. I said elsewhere this will not be a “bash site” and I stand by that statement but I have to call this as I see it: If you’re not standing up for what is right you’re a COWARD. Plain and Simple.

      I appreciate THE REAL Dakota Skye’s support as well as the others who have commented on this article. Keep it coming.

      These are the types of things in the industry that needs to be addressed and I promise you that this site will continue to address them as they arise. Erotic World Media IS NOT afraid to go where other fear to tread. We don’t brag and call ourselves “the leaders in reporting on the adult industry”, but Erotic World Media will step up and address a problem when others don’t.

  10. Wow maybe we are not as famous as we think we are I choose Mikki Lynn because that is my name. I never even heard of her until she started throwing fits. I don’t even do anything close to copy any film Micky Lynn has done so how is it that I’m trying to ride her coat tails? Get outta high school and eat a dick already if you wanna stay relevant. I believe she is the one using my Name to boost her so called come back and to think I was actually really proud to have a simpler name as her when I found out she existed now I just laugh at her XOXO Mikki

    • I think Mickey Lynn is just blowing things out of proportion, but we never know what some people’s motives are. In this business I’ve seen other names that are similar in spelling or sound alike, but are clearly different. Unlike the situation for which this article was created, I don’t see any reason for you to sweat Mickey Lynn anymore. Take care and thanks again for your input! XOXO

  11. Myles Shaffer Stormy Daniels never used the name Waters the writers of the show HBO RealSex came up with that name for her at one of their staged events and people got confused and started calling her that. She had never used that name & can’t stand being called that name that she has never used. Those same writers must have forgotten she had already been on the show using her name Stormy Daniels

  12. Now as for this name issue with Dakota Skye the imposter is clearly trying to use the originals name to try and propel her career even though she looks nothing like the actual Dakota Skye. The imposter is clearly that even going so far as having a slogan from the original’s website on her own. The imposter should just go ahead and change her name to something completely different because time is not on her side and in the end only her lawyer will end up making money when she does get sued if push comes to shove.

  13. In reply to S, all I know is that I first met Stormy when she was only a feature dancer and she was using the name of Stormy Waters. A few years later, she moved to Los Angeles, entered the adult film industry, became a Wicked Pictures contract star, and changed her last name to Daniels. Having known Stormy since 2000 or possibly 2001 (We first met at an Exotic Dancer Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo.), I am speaking from personal experience.

    • Whether or not Stormy Daniels previously went by Stormy Waters I find a little off track, but an interesting example. The issue that is ongoing is the fact that the porn actress (not “star”) Dakota Skye (hereby after referred to as “imposter”) has been using the name of the long time established Feature Entertainer Dakota Skye in trying to make a name for herself. The Original, and ONLY, Dakota Skye has been around WAY BEFORE the “imposter” came on the scene. I’ve have pictures to back this up. The “imposter” is claiming she couldn’t find ANYTHING when she Googled the name “Dakota Skye”. UTTER BULLSHIT!!! The “imposter” now has even gone so far now as to have MULTIPLE Twitter accounts, follows herself, and is claiming she’s done nothing wrong. Interesting huh? I think that as an industry community we need to help rectify this problem and start undoing the damage this “imposter” has done. Feature Entertainer Dakota Skye is an upstanding example of what this business needs not only as a Feature Entertainer, but a businesswoman as well. Yeah, The Original Dakota Skye is a friend and I support her company, Sinsational Features, so what? You stand up for what is right and this issue is one I’ll stay with till it’s resolved!

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